top 9 seasoned tradeline questions

08 Nov 2018

Top 9 Seasoned Tradelines and Authorized User questions asked by clients.

Between ill-informed companies and individuals promoting false information (due to fraud or incompetence), to rumors created as a result, our clients have a lot of questions. We’ve also noticed a continual trend from our clients; they have legitimate questions and have searched hard for legitimate answers.

It is clear, Seasoned tradelines and authorized user tradelines are complicated matters and there is a lot of misinformation about them. We’re here to shed some light on these mysterious topics.

Here are the top ten questions our clients have asked about seasoned Tradelines and authorized user Tradelines.


Question 1: What is this service?

We provide short-term, but quick and substantial credit enhancement by adding authorized user tradelines (or “seasoned tradelines”) to our client’s credit files.

Question 2: How much of a score increase should I expect?

Unfortunately, there is no way to answer this question “generally”.  The answer to this question is specific to each individual’s credit conditions, as well as the line(s) selected for them.  We’ve seen as few as 20 points and as much as 600 point increases. Score increases from adding tradelines vary depending on a multitude of factors.


Question 3: How long does this process take?

You would expect to see the trade line post anywhere from 15 to 40 days after your close of the transaction. This is due to the reporting schedule of each trade line. We will do our best to provide you with a trade line that posts nearest your close of the transaction date.


Question 4: How long do seasoned tradelines last?

Once added to your credit report, tradelines could remain as long as 7 years, or as short as 2 months. While this gap seems alarming, it’s actually irrelevant.

Why?  Tradelines are a short-term fix and you need to capitalize on this benefit as soon as possible.  The impact of the tradeline will diminish over time, so you need to utilize the score increase (or “boost”) in a timely manner.


Question 5: What type of tradelines do you sell?

We sell seasoned, revolving authorized user tradelines… and nothing else.  No installment, primary, auto, mortgage, etc.  Primary tradelines for sale don’t actually exist (legally).

Further, revolving lines make up the largest portion of your credit score, so it doesn’t make sense to add to your file (by purchasing tradelines) anything other than revolving accounts.


Question 6: How do I know what tradelines I need?

Probably the best question a potential client could ask. We have some clients who ask for the “biggest and best” tradeline and some that say “I only have X dollars, what can I get?”.  Both situations are the WRONG way to approach a tradeline purchase.

You, specifically you reading this, have a certain need for credit enhancement and your credit report is different from every other person in the United States. Therefore, analysis and expertise are needed to select an effective tradeline for your credit enhancement goals. We offer free credit report analyses to all of our clients. Get your analysis today!


Question 7: How much do tradelines cost?

Tradelines range in price based on the age and limit of the line required, usually between $500.00 and $1,600.00 per line. Typically, $500.00 would buy you a $2,000.00 limit tradeline with 2 or more years of age.  On the other hand, $1,600.00 will net you a $47,000.00 tradeline with over 20 years of age.


Question 8: How are payments processed?

We use a virtual check system.  It functions as an ACH draft and you can see the only checkout page by clicking here.  One thing you should know about our payments, as compared to other companies is that we are bonded with a $10,000.00 surety bond providing protection of your funds during your relationship with us.  In addition, your money is NOT placed in OUR bank account, it is placed in a trust account pursuant to Section 817.7005, Florida Statutes.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read this forum posting by clicking here.

Question 9: Can I add tradelines to a CPN?

No. Not only will we NOT add tradelines to a CPN, if you have one, but we also won’t even add tradelines to your social security number.  You won’t trick us by lying about your CPN. We can merge your files, you could face a fine of up to $10,000.00 and we refuse to work with those with such short-sighted goals.  Do not contact us about CPNs, please. They’re a waste of time, and you should really consider credit repair instead of a CPN.


Did we miss anything?  Comment below and ask.

Updated: November 9, 2021

33 thoughts on “Top 9 Seasoned Tradelines and Authorized User questions asked by clients.”

  1. need several trade lines. Mike has assisted my broth Leith with trade lines
    please have Mike contact me at [moderated by admin]

    Thank you

  2. Hello,

    My name is Lawrence Riley and I am interested in your services. I have a few questions. I would like to talk with someone about trade lines and see if your program can help me out.

    I am currently look to purchase a house and small business. My credit score is not the best and need help to boost my score.


    Mr. Lawrence Riley I Office: 469-844-5290

    1. Hello Mr. Lawrence!

      We will gladly discuss your credit situation and credit goals with you finding the best solution for your specific situation and whether or not authorized user tradelines can help you achieve your goals.
      I have tried contacting you directly via email, but it’s possible it went to your spam box. If you still wish to speak to some one at our office, please feel free to contact us at our main number:

      Kind Regards

  3. My name is Donald a Im interested in speaking with someone about trade lines in more details thank you

  4. on question #9 on your questionare you said you dont add tradelines to a ssn ,then what do you add tradelines to?

    1. It is a compound sentence. We will not add to your social security number IF you also have a CPN or some other identity number that is not your original social security number. So, so long as you have a social security number, only, we will add tradelines to it.

  5. Hello. I’m very interested in purchasing tradelines I just have a few questions if someone could please get in contact with me! [edited] or by email thank you!

  6. I just want to know when you post a tradeline how long do it take to post on your credit and how do it affect your credit

  7. Hello.. I’m very much interested in trade lines for my personal SSN.including my Illinois and Missouri corporations in which have good corporate filings standings and (FEIN)
    FEDERAL EMPLOYERS IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS I would like to target and tactical both areas personal (SSN) and business (FEIN)….IM LOOKING FORWARD to conducting legitimate business with your firm so far so good with your firm after exploring researching and investigation of similar companies and websites please provide how I can directly contact someone in your firm who can walk me through this process to ensure myself that my requested needs are met with the highest results and integrity. Thanking you in advance.
    Mr lennil

    1. We have a policy that if you don’t have the money for tradelines, you don’t have the money for the lines of credit you’d obtain with the tradelines. So, no payments. The funds are deposited into a trust account until the services are completed. Hope that helps!

  8. I am needing to consolidate my loans,credit cards. My debit to ratio is not good so getting a laon hard. Pay time. Will a seasoned tradeline of 1,6000 help with score and increase ratio. By 47,000

    1. Hey Sabrina, those are very specific (and good) questions. However, I don’t have enough information, which is contained in your credit report. Also, your question assumes that, even if you offset your debt to credit (DTC) ration, you’ll be approved for the lown you’re trying to get. Since that isn’t the case, I wouldn’t want to answer either way. However, I can tell you this. Adding seasoned authorized user tradelines can offset your debt to credit ratio, but only on paper. In other words, it will show up on your credit report, make adjustments, your score will go up, but… it doesn’t offset your debt to credit ratio in reality, meaning, the lender is still going to calculate your ability to pay, which is way more important. While tradelines do these things, you should only view tradelines as increasing scores.

    1. Trade lines can report as soon as a few weeks. Often, it’s between three and six weeks. You wanna time the trailing purchase with your credit goal so you don’t purchase too soon or too late.

  9. if i have a 580 credit score will it help to add a tradeline to get a 720 credit score?
    with a few negative items will it help ?

    1. Romane, I am not sure. It really depends on how the negatives are classified. I will say that 580 to 720 is quite a big leap, but it is possible under the right circumstances. If we looked at your credit report with you we would be able to give you a more reliable and accurate answer. Give us a call at 800-431-4741 or get started here:

  10. Hello, Im currently a owner operator truck driver. I would like to purchase my own truck(recieve a loan) whereas I can make monthly payments. But I need a better score to receive a loan. Please help

  11. I’m trying to see if a tradeline will benefit me if I have very old collections and deragatory and delinquent accounts I managed to raise my score but it drops as well and I’m always denied for everything I currently have my scare around 530 to 560 and have some secured cc.

  12. Can you sell store cards as tradelines? Menards, Target etc ? And do your cards have to be under 30% ultization to be beneficial even thou payment history is perfect

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