07 Nov 2018

Ultra Fico and tradelines

If you’re on this page, you’re not simply looking to find out what the Ultra FICO score is. Instead, you’re probably wondering how the Ultra FICO score will evaluate authorized user tradelines. In other words, will tradelines for sale still work to increase your credit score under the new “ultra” version of a credit infamous FICO score? Will your credit score still increase if you add authorized user tradelines, even under the new so-called “ultra” FICO score?

06 Mar 2012


The FICO’ 08 fico score and the mysteries they pretend exist. We’ve all heard the propaganda, “authorized user tradelines don’t work anymore”, “I heard that fico 08 isn’t going to score authorized user tradelines”, etc. The bottom line is this: “Every generation of the FICO score formula has included authorized user credit card accounts when calculating a person’s score. FICO 8 score continues that policy. This can help people benefit from their shared management of a credit card account. It also helps lenders by providing scores that are based on a full snapshot of the consumer’s credit history.” myFICO.com  As we’ve said before, if FICO actually removed authorized user consideration from their fico score model, they would have violated the Federal Reserve Reg. B. as well as the Equal Opportunity Credit Act. Bankrate agrees: “Fair Isaac said lenders complained that using FICO 08 would inhibit compliance with Federal Reserve Regulation B, which requires lenders assessing a married person’s credit risk to consider the credit history of accounts shared by the spouses.” Bankrate.com In fact, we aren’t even going to weigh in on the fico score issue. Please dismiss opinions and speculation and allow the following video to serve as the authority […]

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