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Proof tradelines work.

It's a natural to wonder whether or not tradelines work and to what extent they work. We will address relevant details concerning the effectiveness of tradelines and expectations of results.

Do tradelines work?

NOTE: The following is the conclusion to a huge (1,200 participant) study on the impact to credit scores by adding...

Average credit score increase: 88 points.

Data was collected from 860 participants. Then, the average credit score for each bureau was determined both before and after...

Tradeline quality is better than tradeline quantity.

The number of tradelines added to an individual’s credit reports can significantly impact the credit score change. More tradelines often...

6 to 10 year old tradelines work best.

Another common belief is that the older the tradeline’s age, the more significant the impact on the credit score. This...

Better results with “thin” credit files.

Thin or non-existent credit files typically cannot generate a credit score, so they were assigned zero value. Since the lowest...

Worse results with thicker credit files.

We studied the impact of tradelines on credit score change for participants who had a preexisting credit file. 809 participants...

Tradelines work equally for all age groups.

Analysis 8 Change based upon the age of the individual The study included participants that ranged in age from 19-72...

Impact on poor, fair, good, and very good credit.

Most individuals do not need to get a specific credit score when moving forward with their financial goals. Instead, they...

Larger limits are not always better.

Many individuals who research authorized user tradelines want to buy the biggest tradeline possible. This comes from the belief that...

Tradelines do not always work.

Credit scores are based upon five primary factors from the credit report. While adding authorized user tradelines can be beneficial...

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