primary tradelines FAQs

Primary Tradelines FAQs

Primary tradelines have always meant one thing: an account on a credit report for which the primary account holder is listed as the primary account holder. This is in contrast to piggybacking off of seasoned tradeline, where the account history reports on the authorized user’s credit report (as an authorized user… not a primary account holder). Sometime after the FICO ’08 myth, people thought that “primary” tradelines were “better” than authorized user tradelines. More importantly, they thought you could buy primary lines and add them to credit reports the same way as authorized user lines. Both thoughts are wrong.

Where can I buy personal primary tradelines?

Again, the real question is, “is it in your best interest to purchase primary tradelines?” You can get primary tradelines for free by applying to a bank that tends to give you a chance, like capital one and chase bank. There are too many scams out there concerning primary tradelines, so it is not even worth it to search out a legitimate source… the legitimate sources are usually buried beneath a sea of propaganda and shady businesses. Get primary tradelines from a bank, and boost your credit score with authorized user tradelines from us.

Is it legal to buy primary tradelines?

Unfortunately, we cannot give legal advice, and this answer should not be construed as to us giving legal advice, but there answer is “yes” and “no”. The way in which you obtain the primary tradelines is the determining factor of legality. Buying primary tradelines that were created out of the thin air could definitely be illegal, and there are companies out there that actually do this. However, assuming a pre-existing primary account or becoming a joint account holder and then removing the other account holder are technically legal ways to have primary tradelines. As stated above, there is no reason to jump through these hoops when you can simply get your own primary tradelines for free, legally.

Can I purchase primary tradelines?

The real question is, do you want to purchase or buy primary tradelines when you can get them for free? You can get some capital one credit cards and/or chase bank credit card with zero credit or even bad credit. Just get your primary lines for free (and don’t buy them), then boost your credit score with authorized user tradelines.

Which is better, authorized user tradeline or primary tradeline?

There is no cut and dry answer to this questions, so we will discuss both primary and authorized user tradelines. First of all, the question is more appropriately posed like this: “what do I need, authorized user tradelines or primary tradelines?” The first concept to acknowledge is whether you need primary tradelines or authorized user tradelines. Primary tradelines are beneficial to your credit score when you have a lack of them. If you don’t have any credit cards in your name, authorized user tradelines can only help so much. On the other hand, if you have a few credit cards that are young, have low limits, etc., tradelines for sale can help place a longer credit history on your report and decrease your debt to credit ratio. Again, it just depends what you need. Call us and we can discuss your specific credit situation.

What does primary mean in primary tradelines?

For all the confusion on the internet, the term primary tradeline is literal. It literally means a line of credit that is yours, primarily. This means it is not a joint account or an authorized user account. Every line of credit is a primary tradeline for the primary account holder. Auto loans, credit cards, mortgages, these are all lines of credit that are primary for the primary borrower. The authorized user or joint accounts exist when the primary holder of an account lists you as an authorized user or a joint account holder.

Do seasoned primary tradelines exist?

Yes, technically, seasoned primary tradelines exist. However, that is to say, a primary account holder with an account opened years ago, has a seasoned primary tradeline. If you are searching for seasoned primary tradelines, then you are most likely looking to add seasoned primary tradelines to your credit report to boost your score. Adding primary tradelines is much more complicated than adding an authorized user tradeline. Stated gently, it is very difficult to sell primary tradelines… legally. Secondly, it is very hard to sell seasoned primary tradelines in a profitable way… so ask yourself why a company would or could exist considering these two limiting factors. There are legal ways to do it and to make money, so I am not suggesting that everyone out there selling primary tradelines is a scam artist, but it is very difficult and we cannot recommend a single source for this process (and we have looked into it). You are better off buying seasoned authorized user tradelines and save yourself the time and energy. At the end of the day, if you need a primary tradeline, just get your own for free, and boost your score with authorized user tradelines.

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    1. It doesn’t really exist the way you might expect. There are some ways: 1) You can do secured credit cards, which isn’t the best idea because it doesn’t really have a large impact on your credit report (after all, if it is “secured,” you’re not showing risk… credit scores are a risk model). 2) There are some “catalogs” and other online stores, as “carecredit” type lines of credit, but those aren’t worth buying either. So, I’d respectfully suggest you should start with your ultimate goal first, rather than an assumption of what you need to achieve that goal. For example, what if you could achieve that goal without “purchasing” primary tradelines? You should give us a call at 800-431-4741 to discuss your goals and we will let you know (for free) what we think. Thanks!

  1. [removed] has Primary business trade lines that really helped my business get funded last year. …GOOD PEOPLE.

    1. Hey Ron, can you tell me all about it? For example, how much they cost, how they reported (with debt and balances), did it have an impact on your credit, what type of lines (revolved, installment, etc.)?

    2. I have a way to get you primaries.
      Auto Loan
      Credit line
      Mortgage as well. Reports up to 4 months afterwards paid as agreed for an extra fee.

      1. Tell us more, Ron. Suppose I have a client that can borrow $250,000.00 (based on their income) for their home purchase. That is, the mortgage broker sees that they can afford $1,200.00 each month after calculating their income and expenses. Let’s suppose further that you added them to your primary tradelines, the auto loan and the mortgage. Since it is primary, those tradelines will be included in their monthly expenses, by say $500.00 or $1,000.00. Now, assuming you may have increased their credit score, you have killed their purchasing power and their loan is denied. Also, how is the mortgage servicer going to allow you to add someone onto the debt? How is the auto loan holder going to add someone onto the debt?

  2. I have Primary Tradelines
    Mortgages ( $400k – $3.3M )
    Auto ( $56k – $151k )
    Bank Lines ($56k – $420k)
    contact me at [moderated]
    To obtain any of these tradelines… You must sign 3-6 Different Legal Documents that protects You and Company

    1. Al, first, I’ve never see primaries in 7 years of being in the industry. They just don’t exist. Second, suppose they did exist… if you added these lines to someone’s file, you’d strangle their credit reports with debt and kill their purchasing power, defeating the purpose.

      1. Check this (primary tradelines) page for details, but you can always call us at 800-431-4741 to get details about primary tradelines. We do not offer them, but we know a lot about them.

      1. Unfortunately, we do not sell primary tradelines, but also, they don’t really exist (legally). If you’d like to discuss a broader range of credit solutions, call us at 800-431-4741. Thanks!

    2. Contact me @ [moderated] inquiring about your post,thanks Jason Reed
      AL says:
      May 11, 2017 at 9:51 am
      I have Primary Tradelines
      Mortgages ( $400k – $3.3M )
      Auto ( $56k – $151k )
      Bank Lines ($56k – $420k)
      contact me at [moderated]
      To obtain any of these tradelines… You must sign 3-6 Different Legal Documents that protects You and Company

        1. Give us a call to discuss pricing. Pricing depends on the tradeline purchased and the tradeline purchased depends on which tradeline you need. Which tradeline you need depends on your current credit report and score as well as your credit goal.

    3. Hello Al, can you give Craig a call 704-891-1946 regarding primary tradelines if I’m not available please leave me a message and best time to call…
      Thank you!