Tradelines and credit simulator and calculator.

Wondering if tradelines are right for you or if you’re being lied to by someone? Well, you can find out by using the interactive, scenario-based, tool below. Don’t by tradelines until you’ve gone through this simulator!

Nice, having a credit goal is key!

Having a credit goal is, in fact, key. But, you should understand: Adding tradelines will increase your credit score, but credit scores are only one part of an overall application for credit (such as mortgages, business loans, etc.). So, let's figure out if tradelines are right for you and your goal given some other factors that might stand in your way.
Do you have any of the following in your credit report?

Tax liens and/or Judgments are show stoppers...

...but, let's discuss a bit further. We know of no lender who will underwrite a mortgage for you if you have tax lien or defaulted federal loans (like student loans). However, as a condition of approval, they may require that you roll the defaulted amounts or tax lien balance into the loan.

Judgments may or may not stop the mortgage process. Underwriters may approve your loan if the payment of the judgment is satisfied at the time of closing. Also, an older, paid off judgment may not be an issue for underwriting, but it may bring down your score. Tradelines may help overcome that score issue.

So, if depending on the condition of those issues, you may be able to proceed.

What do you plan to do with these Tax liens and/or Judgment.

Credit repair and settlment is a good option

If you plan to clear up your negative items through credit repair, that can help. However, if you are not successful, tradelines will not work and you will be in further debt with no positive result. So, if you continue, please keep in mind that our continued answers assume that you're going to be successful in your credit repair efforts.

Also, if you need a skilled professional to help you, please call us at 800-431-4741 or email us at

Keep going?

Let's talk balances...

Assuming you have no collections, charge-offs, or other significant negative items (or that you've paid or promised to pay them off - or otherwise take care of them - prior to adding tradelines), the next thing to factor to determine is your overall debt to credit ratio. I.e., what is your overall utilization of credit? The utilization is your total balances divided by your total limits on your credit cards.

Anything else?

Some negative information won't stop tradelines from working. So, you can continue, here. While we understand that talking about the negative information can be annoying, we need to know so that we can give you an accurate recommendation.
Do you have any other negative items?

Tradelines aren't the best option 🙁

So, here's the deal: Certain negative information can prevent tradelines from working. For example:

  •  Discharged bankruptcies within the past 24 months.
  •  Dismissed bankruptcies within the past 24 months.
  •  Recent (within 6 months) late payments.
  •  Unpaid charge-off and collections.

So, since it appears some of these negative items are in your credit report (according to your answers, so far), we recommend that you do not move forward with tradelines.

We can recommend a professional that can help you in your efforts to resolve these issues. Call us at 800-431-4741 or email us at and we will connect you with a skilled professional that can help.

Late payments can be problematic.

Depending on the timing of the late payments, tradelines may or may not work. So, let's break it down in to two simple parts.
When was the last late payment?

Charge offs and/or Collections are complicated.

Depending on many factors (such as whether the account is paid off, actively and recently reporting, etc.), charge-off and collection accounts can prevent tradelines from increasing your credit score.

Backruptcies are a double-edged sword.

"Bankruptcy" by itself sounds bad, but in reality, it's a much more fluid topic and requires more consideration. For example, whether the bankruptcy was dismissed or discharged results in a different impact on your credit. Also, how long ago the bankruptcy occurred also determines how it affects your credit report and score.
Was your bankruptcy dismissed or discharged?

A discharged bankruptcy?

Well, this is good news... depending on a few things. First, if the bankruptcy was discharged less than 2 years ago (or 1 year ago, in some cases), the possibility of obtain lending is drastically reduced. This is especially true for mortgages. The good news, however, is that a discharged bankruptcy literally erases bad debt.
When was the bankruptcy discharged?

A dismissed bankrupcy?

Dismissed bankruptcies are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you did not fully declare bankruptcy. On the other hand, the debt which you intended to discharge remains, including any derogatory history associated with it. Our recommendation will change depending on how recently your bankruptcy was dismissed.

When was the bankruptcy discharged?

Let's talk...

A discharged bankruptcy more than 2 years ago may mean you're in the clear. However, this isn't always the case (even though it should be), because creditors and the credit bureaus may not do the right thing. So, a credit report analysis required and you would be best served by getting on the phone with us.

Please call 800-431-4741 (or email for a free credit report analysis and consultation.

Good work on your balances!

So, keeping balances below 30% is a qualifying factor to add tradelines. Great work! We have only one more thing to consider; average age of accounts.
Ready for the last step?

You're in a "maybe" category...

Balances should be below 30%. However, this isn't the end of the world. For example, if you could pay down your balances for $100.00, then who cares, right? But, if your balances are thousands of dollars, that's a different story. Bottom line, this category of credit reports needs further analysis.  We can help with that.

Call us at 800-431-4741 or email at

Can you pay down your balances below 30% prior to adding tradelines?

Average age of accounts...

"Average age of accounts" means, literally, how old your open and active accounts are... on average. So, for example, suppose you have one 2 year old credit card and one 10 year old credit card. Your average age of accounts would be 6 years (10 years + 2 years / 2 accounts = 6 years of age, on average).

This is an important factor and we can help you do the calculation if you call 800-431-4741 or email us at

Is your average age of accounts above two (2) years?

This may be a problem, but...

Balances at 90% or above certainly isn't a good thing and it can prevent the tradelines from working. However, there's more to consider. For example, are you maxed out ($90.00 on a single $100.00 limit credit card)? If so, you can easily pay this down.

If you have tens of thousands of dollars of debt which you cannot pay down below 30%, tradelines may not have the impact for which you're hoping.

Can you pay down your balances to get them out of the "maxed out" category?

Good stuff! Here's what we think:

If you're on this page, it means you do not have substantial or recent negative items like collections, charge-offs, defaulted loans, etc. Or, if you did/do, you have/will take care of those issues prior to adding tradelines.

Also, you mentioned that your average age of accounts is more than two years.

Together, this means you're highly qualified for tradelines. Also, it means you're qualified for higher limit and more aged tradelines.

This is what we call a "prime position to buy."

You should absolutely move forward and give us a call at 800-431-4741 or email at

Also, you can get started by clicking here.

"Tradeline lists" are not a goal.

If someone is offering you a tradeline "list," this literally means they are placing their sales goals above your credit goals.

We've written a blog post about tradelines lists, which provides, in part:

"...If you pick from a tradeline list based on price alone, you could be setting yourself up for failure...The same concept applies to picking from a list of tradelines based on the age of the account...if you pick a line of credit with the incorrect (whether it be too large or too littie) limit, you can actually damage your credit score..."

So, we don't provide "lists" to our clients, because we think it will do more harm than good. We'd prefer you focus on goals, rather than lists.

What say you?

I don't think we're a match 🙁

So far, it seems we're not philosophically aligned. It appears that working together is not the best option, for either of us. However, if - in the future - you become more goal oriented, please do not hesitate to reach back out.

Good luck!

This simulation cannot go any further 🙁

Because the details of your balances is unknown and the details of your balances is required to make a recommendation, the simulation will provide an incomplete recommendation.

The only way to get an accurate answer is to have a human review your credit report. So, please contact us at 800-431-4741 or (or reach out to one of the experts listed below, directly).

Good stuff! Here's what we think...

If you're on this page, it means you do not have substantial or recent negative items like collections, charge-offs, defaulted loans, etc. Or, if you did/do, you have/will take care of those issues prior to adding tradelines.

Also, you mentioned that your average age of accounts is less than two years.

Together, this means you're highly qualified for tradelines. Also, it means you're qualified for higher limit and more aged tradelines.

This is what we call a "prime position to buy."

You should absolutely move forward and give us a call at 800-431-4741 or email at

Also, you can get started by clicking here.

Credit goals first!

Let's start with your credit goal. This will help shape the outcome of our recommendation.

What is your credit goal?

You can't "piggyback" on business credit 🙁

Despite what some may say, there's no such thing as "seasoned tradelines" or "authorized user tradelines" for business credit. It just doesn't exist. The only thing you can do is add tradelines to a personal social security number. Then, with an increased credit score, you can personally guarantee a business line of credit.
What do you want to do?

Good luck!

I am sure there is something out there that may help, but consider this. We make money selling tradelines. If it were possible to apply tradeline concepts to business loans, we'd probably be doing it. Nevertheless, good luck with your endeavors!

We can't help you if you have a CPN 🙁

We've written many times about CPNs, but people don't like our answer 🙁 CPNs are literally illegal and we will not work with someone who has a CPN. For example:

" Matias Feldt, a Special Agent-in-Charge of the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) Dallas Field Division (FD) said “Despite what many of these credit repair Websites imply, consumers should know that CPNs are not legal." (Source)

Sorry, we still can't help you 🙁

If you have a CPN, we cannot work with your SSN, because the multiple numbers will eventually be merged and that's when the fraud alert fireworks begin. This can harm our card holders and other clients.


Your request was correctly sent. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you !

Instructions: Using the tradeline simulator.

Using a tradeline simulator or calculator:

It’s very simple. You go through the tradeline calculator steps outlined above, by clicking through them.

Please note that this tradeline calculator is designed to simulator a results of whether or not tradelines will work for you, based on a given category of likeliness.

In other words, it isn’t going to say “your score will increase by 40 points.”

Instead, it will say:

  • You are in a Prime Position to benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file.
  • You are likely to benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file.
  • It is possible to benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file.
  • It is unlikely that you will benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file.

Want a more detailed estimate of score improvement?

You should know that we just published (a draft) study, outlining the before and after results from adding tradelines for over 800 credit reports. You should read that report in detail and focus on those parts that apply to your credit situation.

In the report, we discuss a range of issues. And, we saw a range of results.

Some scores went up a lot, some scores when up a little. Some scores didn’t change. And, believe it or not, some scores (albeit, very few) went down.

32 thoughts on “Tradelines and credit simulator and calculator.”

  1. Why is there 0 Thoughts on “tradelines and credit simulator? Appears your website may be illegal or you erase any comments that may be damaging to your site?

    1. It seems your more concerned with our site than your credit, which is suspect. Nevertheless, I’ll answer your curious questions: We didn’t have comments because it’s a new page, unlike the hundreds of other pages we have with hundreds of comments. I’d be happy to address legitimate, relevant and productive questions you may have (which appears to preclude your fascination with legalities). However, should you care to elaborate, so will I.

  2. Ha!!!! What the hell is the matter with Leon? I heard al capone liked the same color blue as your website are you guys working together? You provide an awesome tool that answers is questions with honesty and he questions the lack of comments?!!! Some people I tell ya. I bet he is one of those CPN people that got pissed at the answers from the simulator that told him he was breaking the law and did the digital version of pounding sand and pointing figures at sonmoene els e for his own failures.

    1. Bad day? Not sure. It is not uncommon for people to be sensitive with their credit situation. It’s a tough topic. And, people like Leon are probably entitled to a little frustration. I suppose he simply misdirected that frustration at us. Regardless, we’re hopeful the simulator is helpful to him and others.

  3. This is a great simulator! Looks like I have a couple of chargeoffs to settle and then we can get to work!

    – James

  4. been researching this site for a while, only because i want to make sure my money is being well spent. but i will say that Matiass comments towards the customers concern are a bit rude and unprofessional thus making me a little uneasy about signing up…

    1. That was a strange – and untrue – attack. I have answered almost 1,000 comments on this site. Built the simulator (above) based on this information for… you. It’s free. I did it out of the kindness of my heart, not the desires of my pocketbook. If you’re referring to the back and forth on the CPN blog, then I think you should consider the overall context, which is: People are lying about CPNs, which could hurt my past, current and future clients, so I actively defend them. As I pointed out:

      Context for CPN discussion

      And here:

    2. I agree! Leon asked a simple question, that could’ve been answered simply, instead of all the nastiness. We need to know a site is legitimate before handing over sensitive personal information. So when Leon questioned that, Ribert should have simply reassured him, instead of being rude. Usually when someone is rude when asked a question, they usual are being deceptive. Big red flags.

      1. Danica, I appreciate the feedback. Please understand that Leon did not ask a question, he insulted us and put a question mark at the end of his insult. And, certainly, there’s no request for personal information in the comment section of a blog post.

        At last count, I have answered 933 questions on this site, nicely. Trust me when I say I know the difference between a legitimate customer sincerely looking for advice (to which I have responded 933 time) and a grumpy person with a case of the Monday’s looking for confrontation. Because I don’t “censor” people, I let everything through. However, I like to stop it dead in its tracks if there’s an unreasonable and unfounded attack.

        I’m sorry you were turned off by that, but I’ll tell you this… if someone attacked you like that, I’d stick up for you, too.

      2. I used this company in the past. Everything they do is to protect you and me as buyers and the client that sells the spots. If someone accused me of being a thief my response would be rude theirs were very true and to the point No rudeness. but I believe They have a bond that acts as a insurance policy if they were shady but they are not they have been in business a long time

  5. well… I have worked with this company for a minimum of 4 years. Raj specifically. Never had an issue and the integrity behind their brand is very similar to what I expect of any business. From personal experience, I had a client who had an address issue which prevented the tradeline from showing on 2 of the 3 bureaus. Raj sent a refund back in less than 72 hours because their brand and reputation matters to them.

    To some of the other concerns “piggy backing” has never been illegal. Manufacturing Tradelines most definitely is and can result in federal jail time.

    The accounts do work when added to credit reports that make sense. One should not have a lot of charged off unpaid credit card accounts or a host of negative items period and expect a major score increase let alone a bank / underwriter to approve them for anything

    Superior I look forward to doing business with you all for years to come. You have helped me turn a lot of people into first time homebuyers!

    1. Arquise, I would highly encourage you to read this article

      … Because primary trendlines don’t exist in the way you might think they exist. What you should do, is first look to your goal and then ask trusted sources for solutions to those goals. I say it that way because I don’t want you to get caught up in the gimmicky things that have supposedly solutions implied in them.

  6. What if the goal of tradelines is only to open more credit cards? Not necessarily a house or car. What do you think the lending issues would be with a late payment in the last two months.

    1. It is a common goal to get funding through credit cards, especially with attractive promotional rates and terms (zero percent for up to 24 months, in some cases). However, recent late payments – especially on revolving accounts – will almost certainly decrease (if not ruin) your chances of approval. Suppose the late payment only reports to one or two bureaus… simply find creditors which use the other bureau and you should be fine. If you have further questions, you can call us at 800-431-4741 or email us at

      Also, you can check out our simulator for other scenario based questions, here:

  7. How do you determine what tradeline(s) works for each client? I simply want to get my auto loan refinanced then after paying that loan off, looking to finance real estate property. I have a FICO 8 of 608-613 range and credit scores 560-591, I have a Discover card, student loans and current auto loan.

    1. Ray, it’s a great question and one I won’t be able to answer here. It is very fact specific and requires us to do a thorough analysis of your credit report. Give us a call and we will show you what I’m talking about 800-431-4741. It’s free, after all!

  8. Hey do you guys offer CPN’s or point me in the direction where I can obtain one please and thanks also what are the turn around time for tradelines to reflect

  9. Hello,
    which takes the shortest amount of time? Getting your bad credit fixed and adding tradelines so you can be eligible to apply for funding or getting your Business credit established so that you can apply for funding?

    1. It’d be pretty hard to beat the speed of adding tradelines. It usually happens within 30 days. The dispute process under the fair credit reporting act is 30 days, minimum with creditors and bureaus permitted to ask for an addition 15 days (so 45 days, maximum). There are rare things like rapid rescore, but that doesn’t apply in all situations. So, generally speaking, tradelines are way faster than credit repair, especially typical credit repair.

      On a side note, so people get wicked away in “what’s fastest,” or “what’s cheapest,” etc. We always encourage our clients to ask “what’s best?” This way, a shortcut doesn’t turn into a long journey and a “deal” doesn’t turn into an expense.

  10. I have disputed collections/charge offs off my reports and TU has taken off everything that I’ve disputed. EQ and Experian has taken some off leaving some Charge offs/collections. Not sure if tradelines are a good idea for me now, but would like your advice on what I should do? I have done some very irresponsible things in my youth. Just now trying to fix my credit and get back in track.

    1. Marialinda, awesome job on the DIY credit repair. I’d say if you feel comfortable that you’ve exhausted your ability to get the remaining items removed either a) hire someone with some advanced tricks or b) call in and negotiate a settlement. Of those two options, I’d choose “b)” because if these accounts are old, you could probably settle for twenty cents on the dollar. Also, advanced tricks are hard, expensive and should only be used if we’re talking about really hefty balances.

      As far as tradelines go, I’d have to see your report first. I think you’d be wise to get off everything you can, first. However, we do a free credit report analysis if you sign up here: and upload your report.

      Sounds like you’re on the right track. Let’s talk to see if tradelines are right for you (yet). 800-431-4741


  11. I love being able to go through the simulator and see EXACTLY what I need to fix before I buy anything. I’ve looked into several tradeline companies just trying to see who (if anyone) I could trust on this subject, and I’m so thankful I came across your site. You guys aren’t pushing anyone to buy. You’re actually advising AGAINST purchasing any tradelines until certain things are fixed on credit reports. That tells me that you’re not in this JUST for the money. I know when I’ve fixed my credit issues that THIS is who I’ll be calling.

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