15 Nov 2018

Proof that tradelines work?

We’ve written many articles showing before and after results for tradelines and score impacts from adding authorized user accounts to credit reports. It doesn’t work in some circumstances (when there are too many negatives, for example). And, you can see hundreds of points of improvement in some circumstances (when you have little to no credit, for example).

Proof is imperfect.

Typically, we’ve shown before and after results. While this is undeniable, there are a few issues. What if the client had negative items removed while we were adding tradelines. Well, an observer could say “the negative items removed also increased the credit score.” And, they’d be right. What if the client had negative items show up (i.e., collections, charge-offs, etc.) while we were adding tradelines. Well, an observer could say “the negative items added decreased the credit score.” And, they’d be right.

So, how could we prove that tradelines work while eliminating externalities? How about some “after and before” results? Yes, I said that correctly. Let’s remove the tradeline and change nothing else. We should see a decrease in score. Right?

Here’s undeniable proof that tradelines significantly increase credit scores.

We had a client that requested that we remove the tradeline. Yes, remove it. So, we had added the tradeline and the scores went up. Then, we removed the tradeline per the client’s request. Nothing else changed in the report.

What happened?

The score dropped 50 points.

Here’s what happened:

On July 23, the account opened and was listed as an active authorized user tradeline. See below.

Then, on August 15th, the authorized user tradeline was listed as “Consumer disputes – reinvestigation in progress.” The account was “disputed” off, which you can do, by the way.

Then, on August 16th (see below), the bureaus removed the account pursuant to the dispute on August 15th (see above).


This was a 20-year-old tradeline with a $9,900.00 limit. When it was removed, the client’s credit score dropped by 50 points. In other words, when we added this account, the client’s credit score increased by 50 points. That’s pretty good results for a single tradeline under $10,000.00 in limit.

Fun fact:

The client paid $725.00. So, that was $14.50 per point. If you needed an extra 50 points, would you pay $14.50 per point? I would.

We can help you with that.

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Updated: November 16, 2021

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