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Tradelines for Sale FAQs

Tradelines for sale provide the opportunity to increase your credit score by being added to positive account (or “tradelines”) as an authorized user. Tradelines for sale is the only product/service we offer and we have perfected this specialty. If you’re looking to increase your credit score to secure a mortgage, auto loan, etc., you’ve probably sought tradelines for sale. In doing so, you’ve probably come across a lot of questions and concerns. That’s what this page is designed to address… your questions, comments, and concerns. Read our frequently asked questions, see examples and post comments, below.

What are tradelines for sale?

What are tradelines for sale? Well, as discussed in other sections, tradelines are accounts appearing on your credit report. Because we all don’t have perfect accounts on our credit report, we must establish or purchase tradelines to improve our credit rating. Superior Tradelines, LLC is one of the main providers of tradelines. We have tradelines for sale which you can purchase and add to your credit report to improve your credit score.


What is the credit utilization on tradelines for sale?

We can’t speak for other companies or answer this generally. Specifically, for us, our tradelines are guaranteed to be below 30% and are below 10% a mass majority of the time. In fact, of those that are below 10%, it’s usually a zero balance. Contractually, our lines are below 30%. Practically, our lines are usually $0.00 or effectively $0.00 (meaning, you might see something like $100.00, but relative to the limit, it’s basically nothing). The reason you see balances at all is that we encourage our cardholders to use the cards and pay them off so that there’s activity on the cards. Every once in a while, a tiny balance will hang over.

How long will you remain as an authorized user?

Before answering, I want to commend this question. The reason it’s a great question is that it means the person who posted it recognized that tradelines should be closely timed with a credit goal.

One more thing you should know. There is a difference between how long you’re an authorized user (actively at the bank) and how long the tradeline will be listed as an authorized user in your credit report. Both questions are answered below.

Tradelines for sale at the bank: Contractually, we guarantee 1 reporting cycle. This means you will be added as an authorized user, we will verify that it has reported to your credit report. Once it has reported, we will instruct the primary cardholder to remove you. This usually happens within 30 days. Sometimes it takes two cycles. So, the answer is that you will be actively listed as the authorized user for 30 to 60 days.

Tradelines for sale on credit reports: Once you’re added to the tradeline and that we’ve confirmed the reporting, you will be removed. Now, the tradeline listing in your credit report will remain for a very long time. We have no control over this duration. Neither does the cardholder. Neither does the bank. It can last for many, many years. However, we wrote an entire blog post on this specific topic, which you can read here.

What is the best company for tradelines for sale?

Superior Tradelines, LLC is the best company offering tradelines for sale. There are three main areas to judge tradeline companies. 1) Complaints 2) Reliability and 3) Financials. Regarding complaints, I would not recommend believing everything you read, but you should consider complaints you read online so long as they are believable based on common sense and you use your judgment (companies have used complaint boards to attack their competition). You should note, Superior Tradelines, LLC has never had a legitimate complaint. Superior Tradelines, LLC works with nearly 90 different companies, and wouldn’t have these affiliations if we were unreliable. Lastly, Superior Tradelines, LLC is bonded with a $10,000.00 surety bond, so your money is safer with us than any tradeline company on the internet.

What you do NOT want is companies that pre-empt your ability to get a refund. Look at the terms we found on a competitor’s website:

You do not want to work with a company like that.

When you buy tradelines, are they permanent?

No. But, it’s complicated. Some companies, who shall remain nameless, claim that the service of adding you as an authorized user to seasoned tradelines offers “permanent” credit enhancement. It absolutely does not. In a video, titled “How long do tradelines last?” on our videos page, we explain why.

There’s more to it, though. Technically, once you boost your score (with the tradelines), you could apply for and obtain credit and establish your own credit behaviors. If you maintain positive credit repayment behavior, the boost in your score will remain and maybe continue to improve. However, the original boost in the score is not the permanent part; your behavior is. So, when companies claim that their service is responsible for your future, you know clearly know that they are misleading, at best.

Where can I get tradelines for sale?

Tradelines for sale are offered all over the internet. From “that guy” on craigslist in the middle of nowhere, to your “one-stop shops” that just seem to have every solution for every problem. Here, are Superior Tradelines, LLC, we have a reputation of delivering on our promised services, and we do not spread ourselves thin with all the new “buzz words” and shady techniques (like CPNs). In fact, we are bonded with a $10,000.00 surety bond, which compared to the foregoing, should answer the question with confidence… you can get tradelines for sale from Superior Tradelines, LLC.

How much do tradelines for sale cost?

Tradelines for sale range in price. Some companies claim to offer tradelines in the low hundreds or on a low monthly installment plan. Some companies offer tradelines for sale for over $2,000.00 each. Tradelines under $200.00 are not really realistic as the cardholders usually get paid about this much. So, unless they are engaging in charity, this is an unrealistic price. Those offering tradelines for sale for over $2,000.00 are living in the old days… the “old days” being before the FICO ’08 debacle. Today, tradelines are realistically priced between $600.00 and $1,500.00 where the former will get you a $5,000.00 tradeline and the later will get you a pretty substantial line, probably over $40,000.00. There are deals on tradelines and these deals are usually based upon bulk orders or simplicity of use.

15 thoughts on “Tradelines For Sale”

    1. Corderia, thanks for contacting us. Please call us at 800-431-4741, email us at or get started here:

      After you do one of those three things, we will be able to better assist you. Thanks!

      Prior to adding tradelines, though, we will want to discuss your goals and see if tradelines are appropriate for your situation. In other words, we want to make sure they are going to work for you more than we want to sell them to you.

  1. I wish to raise my credit score by adding seasoned trade lines, I have some negative items that are old that need
    to be removed from my report. My present score is 525 I am looking to raise my score to 720-750 or better.

    1. You should remove those negative items before you purchase tradelines for sale. Even if you credit score does NOT increase after removing those negative accounts, with them gone… your score will increase more drastically after you add tradelines. In other words, the less negative items, the higher your score will go after adding tradelines.

      However, you should give us a call at 800-431-4741 to get a free credit report analysis, because depending on how old they are and their condition (paid, unpaid, settled, etc.), they may not play a part in this decision, at all. It requires a quick (free) review of your credit report.

    2. Kenneth, Thanks for reaching out to us! I always recommend addressing negative content before engaging in tradeline services. That being said, the specifics of the negative content on the reports can make things murky (i.e. collections that are reporting as paid, charge off accounts reporting as settled, etc.). Check out the post on our forum for some insight: (especially before purchasing tradelines for sale). Give me a call at 407-476-1357 to discuss further, or email me at so that we can figure out what would be the best approach for you and your credit goals.

  2. can you please send me a tradeline list? i have a clean credit file on all three a look to boost my score to apply for new higher credit limits. please email me back

    1. We don’t provide lists, because that is putting our sales goals above your credit goals. If anyone is giving you a list, that’s what they’re doing: putting their sales goals above your credit goals. We’ve written about tradelines lists previously. Speaking of goals, you should try our new tradeline and credit analysis tool, which will help you determine if tradelines are right for you. Also, if you have a CPN, we can’t and won’t work with you 🙁 So, hope that was helpful information.

  3. Hi I’m interested in raising my credit score which has recently gone from 496 August 23 to 574 September 28th with the purchase of a secured visa with a $200 limit, my credit age is only 2 months with a 100% payment history. Still, only 2 months young. I had 2 negative things on my report of which I’ve gotten removed and now I have 1 dismissed chpt 13, not to be confused with a discharged chpt 13. This means I filed and then didn’t go through with it so I’m trying to get it off my credit. Other than that I have nothing else on my credit except 2 hard inquiries. Without having seen my credit report, what is your best guestimate that a tradelines will work for me?

    1. Hey Shirley, so, while you sound very informed and convincing, I’d still like to see your report before we could make a recommendation. However, given your question as posed, I will answer:

      First, what do you mean by “work?” What is your credit goal. In addition to scores (which I will address next), there are certain underwriting thresholds – such as dismissed bankruptcies – that could result in denial of credit, regardless of score. If by “work,” you mean make your credit score increase, there’s zero doubt in my mind that your scores would go through the roof. You fit one of the scenarios we’ve written about when we credit scores before and after tradelines.

      So, I think I can’t do any better than that one public blog post comment area and with the limited information provided. We’d be happy to review your report, for free, and make a more specific recommendation. Call us at 800-431-4741 or get stated at https//

  4. Since I have 43 inquiries and 1 derogatory mark, and age of credit history is what is determining my credit score to be 585 with Transunion/Equifax. Would it be wise to purchase Tradelines at this time?

  5. I see that you guys dont specialize in help getting funding. But do you have any recommendations for funding i m in the process of getting my credit fixed and buy some tradelines from you guys.

  6. Researching tradelines, yet I dont see anything regarding the credit utilization on these lines. IS there a max percentage on each line? is there a time frame your allowed to function as an authorized user?

    1. Hey Robert. First, cool name. Second, I’ve taken your questions and answered them above. They are the second and third questions, respectively.


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