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Average credit score increase: 88 points.

Data was collected from 860 participants. Then, the average credit score for each bureau was determined both before and after the tradeline was added.

By comparing the average scores before and after the addition of the tradeline, it was found that the tradelines had a positive impact on the scores. The average change in Experian score was 108-points. Equifax experienced an average increase of 70-points. Further, TransUnion experienced an average increase in 83-points.

Finally, the before and after credit scores from each bureau were averaged.  It was found that the average credit score increase for each participant was 88 points.

A significant average increase in credit score implied that authorized user tradelines could drastically improve the authorized user’s credit score. However, many factors go into this general average, which is explained further below.

before and after tradelines for credit

average credit score before and after tradelines for credit

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