01 Nov 2013

How much does your credit analysis cost?

Credit repair analysis is free, for a reason. There’s a cliché in Florida that if an attorney charges an initial consultation fee, it means no clients are retaining him. I think that cliché should absolutely apply to trade line companies. All that is to say, we don’t charge a single penny for credit report analysis. In fact, some of our competitors call in pretending to be clients just to get our advice. We used to get frustrated by this, but we realized spreading good information will be good for everyone in the economy.

So, not only is our credit report analysis free, but we do this as a mandatory step in our process… No client can order trade lines through our system without a full credit report analysis, recommendation, and a decision on the client’s side as to whether or not they wish to move forward.

Here’s an example of a tradeline recommendation for tradelines:

tradelines recommendation example

In some cases, we recommend credit repair, debt settlement, or other corrective actions prior to adding trade lines. Here’s a recommendation for credit repair:

credit repair recommendation

“Free” things do exist, despite the old adage that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” But, there’s a bigger perspective, if you care for the reasoning: We only get paid if you buy tradelines. Since we only provide tradelines, what good is your time spend with us if we’re not able to sell you tradelines? So, you and Superior Tradelines, LLC have a vested financial interest in cutting to the chase and finding out if you’re a qualified candidate for tradelines. If we charged for that, it would actually slow things down (and cost more than we charge). It makes more financial sense to do a credit report analysis right away, for free, just to figure out if you’re a potential client or not. If not, then we can guide you on what you need to do before purchasing tradelines. If so, then we’re already a set ahead of the game and we’ve hit the ground running. So, sometimes it pays to do things for free.

Nevertheless, our credit report analysis is 100% free of charge and we’re happy to discuss any credit situation with you. Although we specialize in trade lines, we’ve seen every tradeline issue in existence. So, we should be able to lend some advice. In the off chance that you present a unique situation for which we never experienced, our network of affiliates will include someone who can sufficiently handle the issue.

You should not hesitate to contact us for credit report analysis.

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