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If you don’t know your current position, you’ll never reach your destination, right?

Whether you’re applying for a mortgage, auto loan, business loan, etc., we must know the strengths and weaknesses of your current credit posture (that is… we need to know what’s in your credit report).

We provide a complimentary credit report analysis (yes… free of charge) so help you better understand our services and whether or not our services are a viable option for you.

Sometimes, our services are not appropriate for certain individuals and we recommend alternative courses of action, such as credit repair. In doing so, we lose you as a client… so, you should highly consider this, because we’re telling you the truth when this happens. In other words, if we deny you service and someone else sells your tradelines, you should second guess the second service provider.

Because it’s the first step, you’ll receive an email from us explaining how to get your report, if you don’t already have one. Here’s an example of the email, which is a good resource for finding credit reports for free.

Example Email Regarding Credit Reports and Analysis
Assuming you’re in a position to benefit from tradelines, we will move on to tradeline recommendations.

We will tell you our honest opinion and make a recommendation.

At the end of the day, if you’re not happy, we’re going to hear about it, right? So, our goal and your goal are aligned. When we make a recommendation, we’re not trying to close a sale, we’re trying to help you achieve your goals. In fact, our recommendation may not be good news, at all.

No matter what, you are going to fall into one of these categories:

  • You are in a prime position to benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file
  • You are likely to benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file
  • It is possible to benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file
  • It is unlikely that you will benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file.

Once we determinate your position, we will make a recommendation as to how you should move forward. Here’s an example of a tradeline recommendation:

Example of a tradelines recommendation

Your purchase is the start of our relationship, not the end.

While some companies end their relationship with you at the cash register, we stick with our clients to the end of our services. We have automation tracking for the tradeline reporting dates and we proactively follow up with you to make sure you are on track.

Even if we recommended credit repair – or some other service – we may follow up with you just to see how you’re doing.

Results oriented is our process; your success is our success.

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