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Credit Tradelines

Credit tradelines is a term of slight redundancy. Tradelines are literally credit accounts on your credit report. So, this term doesn’t necessarily add anything meaningful to this topic. Credit tradelines are sought in order to add positive lines of credit to social security numbers, which results in that account and its details reporting to the individual’s credit report. When that happens, the individual’s credit scores are recalculated. If the accounts added are in good standing (and makes sense given a multitude of factors), the credit score will inevitably increase. Here are some of the most common and frequently asked questions we’ve received:

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What are credit tradelines?

They are the same as any trade lines of credit… seasoned tradelines, authorized user tradelines, etc. It’s just a term general enough to cover all of the categories. Typically, those searching for credit tradelines are looking for a way to add credit tradelines to their credit report in order to boost your score. That is what we do here at Superior Tradelines.

Do credit tradelines work?

Yes and we’ve written many times about whether or not tradelines work. You can read more here and here. The basic answer proof is in the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Federal Reserve Board Regulation B. Credit tradelines are added to your report as authorized user accounts. This is a simple process and our job.

How do you add credit tradelines to your credit report?

They can be added to your credit report by having a primary tradeline account holder add you as an authorized user to the credit tradeline. Superior Tradelines, LLC has a large portfolio of credit tradelines and they stand by ready to add you as an authorized user for a fee. An answer any more specific than that would get into trade secrets. Rest assured, it is possible to add credit tradelines to your credit report.

Is there a difference between credit tradelines and other tradelines?

Not really. “Seasoned,” “authorized user,” and “piggybacking” are all the same thing as “credit” tradelines. These are just different terms. They are different in as much as “coke,” “cola,” and “pop” are different. At the end of the day, no matter what we call them, we’re talking about individuals being added as an authorized user to revolving lines of credit (for the purpose of increasing credit scores). This is colloquially referred to as tradelines for sale.

Now, “primary” tradelines are – technically – different. “Business” tradelines are different, too. But, neither of those terms are what they sound like. We’ve discussed those topics on other pages.

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  1. i’m trying to get a business loan for my business, and i have to personally guarantee it i need to raise my score fast, can you help me

    1. It is possible. We’d need to discuss your overall credit situation to determine if tradelines would help. A credit report analysis is absolutely necessary. Also, we’d like to know from you if your lender mentioned thresholds, score requirements, etc. That would be helpful. Give us at call at 800-431-4741 or email us at


  2. Quick question, I have some old AU accounts that have been terminated since they expired. If I buy tradelines from you guys, would it be better if I got the old expired AU accounts removed first?

    1. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter. But depending on the particulars of those accounts, I may change my answer. For example, were the accounts in good standing, did they show balances when they were terminated, etc. As with all clients, if you purchase tradelines from us we would first do a complimentary (free) credit report analysis and let you know what we think prior to transacting. But, like I said, the general answer is: it doesn’t really matter if you remove them or not (generally speaking, barring significant issuee with the accounts).

  3. My credit score is 615, I need to raise it to 680 to refinance with quicken and co-sign for my sons student loan. Adding tradeline will help?

  4. My credit score was Extrememly low because for many years I did not want to get myself in debt and purposely avoided all credit cards and loans altogether. Took me too long to realize the error in my ways (I’m 45). But I do now. In the last few months I’ve added two new credit cards (low credit line to start) to take my score from 500 to 576 which is a start. I keep my utilization low and pay off full balance immediately. I have a decent income of 100k. My questions, if you please, are as follows: Is there a minimum score that you would accept to add a tradeline?; How long does it typically take to have an impact on your score; and lastly, how long do you “rent” the credit for? THANK YOU!!

    1. Julia,

      Excellent background and questions!

      First, there is no minimum score related to whether or not we would add tradelines to your credit report. The analysis we use to determine whether not tradelines are appropriate is based on what’s in your credit report and whether or not we think tradelines will help. For example, you could have a 655 with a bunch of account (including some negatives) and, because of that, your score might only move 10 or 20 points. On the other hand, you could have a 576 because of limited information in your credit report and you will likely see huge increases in score. So, the question is not what your credit score currently is, but whether we think we can positively affect it with adding tradelines.

      Second, the score impact is instant, as soon as the line is there, you have a new credit score. So, the question is how long does it take to add the tradeline. The answer is that it takes about 15 to 45 days (depending on the line selected, when it reports, etc.).

      Third, you rent the credit tradelines for about 30 to 60 days. The impact will be the highest at first and slowly diminish over time.

      You should check out for more details on those questions.

      Also, if you’re like to get started, visit

  5. I have a credit score in the mid 550s. What tradelines do I need to get to get a 650 credit score for a mortgage?

    1. Whether tradelines can increase credit scores from 550 to 650 is one question. Whether you’d get a mortgage if that happened is another question, all together. Nothing frustrates me more than when I ask  a question and someone says “that’s not the question you want to ask.” Well, unfortunately, that’s what I’m about to do to you. But, I’ll also answer you directly.

      tradelines scors and mortgage approvals

      High credit scores are necessary for mortgage approvals, but high credit scores are not sufficient for mortgage approvals. Meaning, high credit scores, alone, will not get you approved for a mortgage. So, that’s why tradelines should be used strategically and targeted, not recklessly and general.

      If you have a 550 credit score, there’s a reason for it, such as collections, charge-offs, etc. So, even if our tradelines increased your credit score to 650, you may have checked-the-box on your score requirement, but you may be automatically denied for the loan because of the collection account (regardless of your new credit score).

      So, my answer is that is it possible to get a 100 point boots. But, that’s not the most important thing to consider. Your goal is the highest priority. Whether tradelines help you achieve your goal is the only thing that matters. That’s where credit report analysis comes in.

  6. I am trying to increase my credit score and i want to buy a tradeline. Currently my score is a 545 and i am working with someone on repairing my credit and they mention a tradeline. I wanted to know my options when it comes to a tradeline.

  7. I have a 675 credit score that I bought from the zero as I’ve never been one to charge anyting just recently I decided that maybe I should try to get some credit and let me tell you I’m not really young my problem has never been making payments on time my problem is I love CD about having to make the payments but I’m getting over it I have cheap good standing I canceled my credit what’s that self loan and a prepaid Visa I think you’re pretty much stopped at 675 it’s just not moving I was wondering how much of trade line that would be needed to increase my credit fastly my second question is do you offer trade lines on financing

  8. I have old closed accounts with perfect payment history from older family memebrs and they said i can have them if i can figure out how to take it and assign it to my credit profile…. How do i do that?

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