how to get tradelnes

24 Jul 2021

How to get tradelines: You get what you pay for.

How can I get added as an authorized user to (a) seasoned tradeline(s) for the purpose of increasing my credit score?

How to get tradelines?

Here’s the good news and the good news:

First, tradeline questions from here start to get narrower (more focused).

Second, the answers to these questions start to get easier.

Even so, this is the most important section.

  • We’re going to explain how you can add tradelines to your credit file to increase your credit score.
  • We’re going to explain where you can buy them.
  • But most importantly, we’re going to caution you against practices that have harmed consumers.

There are primarily two ways to add tradelines to your credit report.

First, you can ask a friend or family to add you as an authorized user to one of their credit cards.

Second, you can buy authorized user tradelines from a company.

From a friend.

If you’re asking a friend or family to add you as an authorized user, that’s a little bit risky.

It’s risky because the card you’re added to might not be in good standing.

And, even if it is in good standing, it might not be the appropriate tradeline to positively affect your credit and credit score.

From a company.

Buying tradelines from a company can be risky if you’re working with an unprofessional and unprepared company or rip-off artist.

Note: While it is possible to get added onto a friend or family member’s tradeline, we would not advise this course of action. It is crucial to know the payment history, limit, and length the tradeline has been opened so that you can figure out how it will affect your score. People often ask for advice about adding these tradelines, but it is hard to give detailed advice when you don’t know any details of the situation.

Because the application of tradeline is so nuanced, it is important to know every detail before adding it to your credit file.

Or, better yet – hire someone who knows all of that!

So, instead, we’re going to focus on buying tradelines from tradeline companies.

This is what we mean when we say tradelines for sale.

A company, like Superior Tradelines, LLC, specializes in seasoned tradelines.

We have a portfolio of authorized user accounts.

If you recall in the government study, this arrangement is “piggybacking.”

You are essentially paying to “piggyback” off the credit of someone else. It’s similar to co-signing, but in this arrangement, you have no repayment responsibility.

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