$100 tradelines?

There are more and more people searching for tradelines, but within a particular price range. And, interestingly, that price has gone down, and down, and down, over the years.

We wrote an article about what happens when you buy $300.00 tradelines, which you should read.

But, recently, that numbers has gone down. People search:

  • $200.00 tradelines
  • $100.00 tradelines
  • $50.00 tradelines
  • (And if you can believe it) $20.00 tradelines.

As we explained in the linked-to article, above, these low prices are not realistic. Tradeline companies pay the vendors (or the “card holders”) more than $100.00 or $200.00. So, those prices are literally impossible in most circumstances where you’re dealing with a legitimate company with legitimate operations and expenses.

The point we try to press upon all consumers is to focus on your goals first and negotiate later. If you lead with price, you’re not leading with goals or potential results. Would you rather have a good deal for tradelines that do not work or a normal price for tradelines that do work.

A lot of the “companies” that lead with price are usually scams. This is especially true if their advertising on Craigslist, Reddit, if they just opened yesterday, or if they treat the trade line profession as a bolt-on services and a side job. Here’s a quick example from a recent Reddit post (and, unfortunately, this happens all the time):

0 tradelines are usually scams

When you search for “100.00 tradelines,” let’s be honest… you’re really just saying “I want a really good deal on tradelines.” That’s totally fair. So, here’s what we’d recommend.

  1. Contact us.
  2. Get a free credit report analysis and recommendation.
  3. Get a quote.
  4. Move forward if it’s a good deal… or don’t if it’s not.

As a bonus for you reading this article and educating yourself on this process, we’ve attached a coupon to make your choice easier. While we can’t sell tradelines for $100.00, we can give you a coupon for $100.00 off.

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  1. I am looking to work as sales rep for your company.
    I have sold tradelines before and wondering if you are looking to add any remote people part time.

    Thank you,

    Jeff Peterson

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