Tradeline Sales and Deals

tradelines sales and deals

If you’re on this page, you likely already know what tradelines are and how they impact your credit score. For that reason, you’re probably looking for deals on tradelines. Tradeline sales exist. This page explain why and how to get them.

Most companies write long, drawn-out articles for Google. We’re just going to cut straight to the point. Here’s a few ways that tradeline deals and sales exist:

Unsold inventory.

Every tradeline company has an inventory of tradelines. And, those tradelines “expire.” This is because you can add multiple authorized users each month to each tradeline. And, if you don’t add authorized users that month, the company misses the revenue opportunity. So, toward the end of the cycle on on sold inventory, a company might lower the price.

Revenue push.

Companies may want to push revenue for a particular reason. They may lower their profit temporarily in order to increase revenue and market share. While you have no control over this, it does happen. So, you’ll want to register for their mailing list by registering with their site in order to be included on these potential deals.

Bulk ordering.

If you’re an affiliated company (like a credit repair company), you might have a significant amount of clients that need tradelines. In exchange for ordering volume, a tradeline company might offer you discounts. This also applies to individuals who simply have a lot of friends or a large network. Always ask a tradeline company if they have an affiliate program as you might be able to enjoy discounts for yourself and your network.


As a consumer, you likely know people that need to improve their credit. Tradelines may be an option. Some companies, like Superior Tradelines, offer referral bonuses when you recommend their services. So, while this isn’t exact a “deal” or a “sale” on your particular purchase, you can get referral bonuses of around $20.00 every time you refer someone who ends up buying a tradeline. This, in effect, reduces the amount you end up paying for tradelines.

The ultimate recommendation on how to find sales and get deals on tradelines: Just ask.

I know that sounds silly, but it’s serious. Literally just ask for a better deal. If you’re a serious client and tradelines are likely to work for you, tradeline companies take that very seriously as an opportunity. They’re not going to negotiate themselves out of work. So… just ask for a deal.


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