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18 May 2013

Where can I get my [real] credit score for free?

Do you know where you can get your credit score for free? One of the most reoccurring themes and questions from our clients is “where can I get my real credit score?”  In fact, you will need your credit report and scores before you buy tradelines so that we can do a credit report analysis. Usually, of course, they mean their FICO© (or “Fair Isaac Corporation” score). FICO© credit scores are the most widely used and relied upon score in the Country.  But, the following scores also exist:

  • FICO score
  • Vantage score
  • Plus score
  • TruCredit score
  • Beacon score, etc.

How can you know which credit score is accurate?

If you are looking for your credit score to determine your eligibility for a loan, then you need to first ask “what scoring model is my lender using?”  If the answer is FICO, then you are out of luck… you won’t be able to get your FICO score unless your lender allows you to see it.

You cannot get your FICO score on the internet… not even from (because they aren’t going to allow their algorithm open to public inquiry). NOTE: I will tell you after comparing legitimate scores and, the scores are rather comparable. Using to obtain your scores may be worth it, but it’s crazy expensive!

What does the Federal Trade Commission have to say about credit reports?

In a rather comical way, and seems to directly mock the freecreditreport commercials, the Federal Trade Commission produced this video to the right.

While their focus is regarding the “fees” charged for these services, they indirectly admit that most of the services on the internet are fake. In fact, we’ve written an entire article about fake credit scores and the fines those selling them have incurred.

Authorized user tradelines and credit reports.

Authorized User Tradelines can boost your FICO score, in the right circumstances. This is because that is the scoring model used most by lenders.  Also, under the Federal Reserve Regulation B, which implements the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, lenders must consider authorized user accounts and FICO factors these accounts in their scoring model.

If you are looking to boost your credit score (FICO credit score), then purchasing authorized user tradelines from Superior Tradelines is the way to go. We can provide you with a credit report analysis and recommendation to see if tradelines are right for you!


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