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03 Oct 2013

Auto enhanced credit scores, tradelines and auto loan approvals.

“Auto enhanced credit score?”, you ask. Yes, it’s true! The auto enhanced credit score exists. A lender will generate this score to find out your “auto loan worthiness”. The auto enhanced credit is is also very different from the FICO score. Quite often we get calls or emails from clients that are looking to get tradelines for the purpose of getting approved for an auto loan. We recently wrote about the many different credit scores available. Here, we discuss your auto enhanced FICO score, or any auto enhanced score for that matter (such as the Beacon auto enhanced score).

Before we talk about your credit score, let’s back up for a second…

If you’re looking at applying for an auto loan, consider getting a free credit report analysis. Our goal is to help clients while selling tradelines.  We won’t irresponsibly sell tradelines to everybody regardless of whether or not tradelines would help achieve their goals. We want to make sure, first, that you make a wise decision when buying tradelines and proper credit report analysis followed by an appropriate tradeline recommendation is a very important link in this chain.

Okay, moving on to your auto enhanced credit score.

Most people, like you, are aware that you have a FICO score. And, you might even know the factors (payment history, the average age of accounts, etc.) that affect your FICO scores. You might be surprised to find out that there is a difference between standard FICO scores and “auto enhanced credit score”.

What is an auto-enhanced FICO credit score?

An auto-enhanced credit score is also called an enhanced beacon score.  Lender’s calculate this score differently than FICO scores, and different factors impact the auto-enhanced scores.

affected by different things. To start, revolving accounts (like credit cards) have the largest impact on your FICO score. For the auto enhanced credit score,  payment history on auto loans tends to play the largest part.

What does that mean for you when looking into purchasing tradelines?

Depending on the existence and quality of your previous auto loan or lease history, tradelines may or may not be beneficial. So, let’s just stop right there. If you talk to a tradeline company and without looking at your credit report they say “Yes, absolutely, adding tradelines will get you approved for an auto loan”, well… you now know they’re lying to you. You know this because it’s impossible to know if tradelines would work without looking at your report first. With that in mind, here are a few questions you should ask before adding tradelines to your credit report:

  • Have you ever had an auto loan before?
  • Do you have any late payments on your previous auto loans?
  • Have you ever had your vehicle repossessed?
  • Have you had an auto loan account sent to collections?

If you answered “yes” to at least one out of the last 3 questions, then you may or may not benefit from the authorized user tradelines. If any of the auto-related late payments, collections or repossessions happened within the last 6-8 months, tradelines are NOT the right option for you.

So, what can authorized user tradelines do for someone with an auto loan goal?

Authorized user tradelines can powerfully boost your FICO score because they represent a revolving account group. However, lender’s don’t weigh them heavily enough to overcome the negative impact of your negative auto history. In such situations, your money would be better spent on credit repair rather than tradeline purchase.

Updated on November 3, 2021.

13 thoughts on “Auto enhanced credit scores, tradelines and auto loan approvals.”

  1. I had an auto loan go to collection but I have settled with this collection agency. Would I still benefit from trade lines?

    1. Jim, I assume when you say “benefit from tradelines” you mean would tradelines help you get an auto loan? It wouldn’t hurt, but the real question is how much would it help. It depends on a few things. 1) how long ago was the collection? 2) how long ago was it settled? 3) how is it reporting on your credit report? There are many, many other questions that we’d need to answer. But, one recommendation is to determine if it is reporting correctly, and if not, dispute it with the credit bureaus and hope it is deleted for the lender’s failure to report accurate information to the credit bureaus. All of this stuff is important because “auto enhanced” credit scores consider previous auto payments and history much more than revolving accounts (authorized user tradelines). So, yes, you would benefit if you define benefit as your score going up. But, maybe no, if you define benefit as securing a new auto loan with favorable rates. Give us a call so we can discuss in more detail at 800-431-4741

    2. I just started my credit ive never taken out an auto loan before. Will buying a tradeline help me? Please I’m young & in need of some adult guidance.

  2. Matias,

    I have a repossession showing on my report as a charge off that occurred back in 2009 and only shows on my Equifax report. (which is always used in Florida). Will tradelines work for me in accordance with Auto enhanced FICO?

    1. Hello RM,

      To answer your question – it depends on how the repossession is currently reporting on your credit report and what other items might be affecting your credit report.
      Please feel free to call our office at your convenience so one of our specialists can discuss it with you in detail.


  3. When i bought my camaro back in December 2013 i had a enhanced auto credit score of 653. i was a first time buyer at the time with no real credit history(2 store credit cards and a secure credit card all of which have no late payments for almost 2 years now)at the age of 20. now in november/december 2014 I plan on applying for another loan for a new car. i have not missed anyone of my 11 payments (only at 8 at the moment; this is hypothetical.) what can i expect my score to be at the day that i plan to buy?? am i looking at 700 maybe 720??

    1. Mike,

      I’m stumped. In fact, I don’t think anyone would know the answer to that questions, less a lender pulling your report and reading off the new score to you. There are “FICO” simulators out there, and I could probably guess your approximate FICO score based on your credit report, but auto enhanced credit scores are a different animal all together. I would imagine, however, that your auto enhanced credit score has not risen significantly, for two reasons 1) Your auto loan is relatively new, which means it is not aged and 2) As a result of number one, you’re carrying a large balance in your auto history, which can bring down your auto enhanced score or at least hurt your purchasing power. On the other hand, underwriters know how to factor in a pay off when you go to buy a new vehicle.

      Lastly, and although this isn’t part of your question, I think you should know: Auto dealers will lie to you. No matter what they say, ask them to SHOW YOU the credit report and auto enhanced credit score. I had a dealer recently try to tell me… me… that my score was 590. I asked him for the report and all of the sudden, I was “well qualified” and got the lowest rate available. The negotiations do not end at the price; they carry on into the finance office. If they aren’t making a desirable profit on the sticker price, they will make up for that loss with a higher interest rate.

      Hope that helps.



  4. I have never owned or leased a car, meaning I’ve never had an auto loan. Would obtaining trade lines help me to get approved for an auto loan?

    1. Hey Raheem,

      Yes and no. Since you are commenting on this blog post, that’s a good start. The answer is yes, no and it depends. So, give us a call or email us to discuss your specific situation.



    1. Hey marcus, I am sorry I missed your message. But, the answer is: probably not. However, log into your account and see if you can add authorized users to it. We’d like to hear from you if you can. Thanks!

  5. Need the auto trade lines because was denied for the car I wanted because I don’t have any car credit history need help ASAP trying to get car soon as the trades post

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