19 Mar 2014

What is a credit sweep?

The term “credit sweep” is used to describe a process typically called credit repair. 

Credit repair companies use this term to make you think difficult things are easier than they are. For example, do you want to fix your credit or have it fixed? One of those implies you do it one of those apply someone else does it.

Do you want to go through a credit repair process or do you want your credit sweep? One of those sounds like a lot of work, time, energy, and money and the other sounds like a click of a button.

A “credit sweep” doesn’t exist. It simply a marketing gimmick designed by someone who wants to imply credit repair is easier than it is.

I should clarify that credit sweeps do not exist legally. There are people who would gain access to the ability to do rapid resource and EOSCAR transactions and will illegally delete items from your credit report. But, this is not only fraudulent but shortsighted. Suppose I can click a button and delete a collection account from your credit report. Well, that creditor will report that item next month anyway; it will pop right back on. The credit sweep, therefore, was useless.

Credit repair isn’t a short process

No part of credit repair happens over night. Tradelines, credit repair, debt settlement… these all take time. The only instant part of credit repair is the part where you can damage your credit overnight. Properly and permanently fixing it takes much longer. We recommend that you be very wary with individuals that promise quick results – they likely are scammers that don’t comply with Federal regulations.

All in all, the credit sweep process is not a real process and you should pay no attention to companies that offer it. If you’re looking for credit repair, the market is saturated with everything from scammers to people who dedicated their lives to the industry. During your search for credit repair companies, use your brain and use your gut. If they offer credit sweeps, do not hire them.

Updated: November 2, 2021

8 thoughts on “What is a credit sweep?”

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for the question about credit sweeps.

      The quick answer is “No.”

      But, you should know that our opinion is that no one can do credit sweeps. In addition, we wrote an entire article about some of the credit enhancement techniques that we feel are total scams and “products” or “services” we feel are a mistake for clients to use. Specifically about credit sweeps, we wrote:

      credit sweep

      The bottom line is, there is no such thing as a credit sweep. To the extent there is, it’s either illegal or a buzz word used to make typical and conventional credit repair sound better than it is.

      I know this was a little outside the scope of your question about whether or not Superior Tradelines, LLC does credit sweeps, and of course that answer is “no”, but I wanted make sure you are aware that “credit sweeps” are simply a fiction.

      We’ve been in the credit business for many, many years and if we knew someone capable of using a magic eraser on credit reports, our only problem would be picking which color we want on our Lamborghini?

      I hope that helps and if you have any other questions I’d be more than happy to help.


    2. Hello Mike!

      Thank you so much for your question. Our company does not provide “credit sweep” services nor can recommend a company that does do that.

      Even though we have already written a few articles on this subject, I am very glad to have you have reached out to us with this question. Lately, I have been seeing more and more companies and individuals pop up on social networking sites and blogs claiming they can do a “credit sweep” and “wipe out” ***all*** negative items from your credit report. However, after you look into those “companies” or individuals, and do some research on them, you will notice that there is not a single company that has been around for a while or, to be more specific, for more than 3-6 months.

      Companies like that pop out of nowhere, claim they have so much experience in performing so-called “credit sweeps”, promise all negative items will be removed from your report in about 45 days (some even say ridiculous things like “5 days” or even “24 hours”), take your money, possibly showing something that looks like “negative items have disappeared from your report”, but in reality the only thing that vanishes is the company and your money.

      Unless you are actually going through a credit repair, and the items are challenged and legitimately removed by creditors and/or credit bureaus themselves, all those items that have magically disappeared from your report through a “credit sweep” process, will be right back on your report within 30-45 days. I think the idea of a possibility of having items simply erased from your credit report should be concerning to anyone. If this was a possibility at all, the whole “credit scoring” concept would not hold as much value in the lending industry, and FICO would go out of business, wouldn’t you agree?

      Regardless of what you will choose as your credit repair route, please do your research and make wise decisions. As always, you could reach out to us and we’d be more than happy to help you with that.

      Thank you!


    1. It was a weird typo. Fixed, above. The point is that clicking “delete” through illegal access doesn’t actually delete the item at the creditor (bank), it only deletes the item at the bureau. But, next month, the credit will report the item again and it will pop back on to the credit report. It’s a waste of time, in other words.

  1. I had a company ATTEMPT to do this for me about 18 months ago after their failed attempt to provide good results from traditional credit repair. The way it works, is that they conjure up a document ( I believe it was close to 20 pages or more), stating that none of the accounts belong to you and you were a victim of identity theft. In doing this, the credit bureaus freeze “reporting” to your accounts, causing them to stop reporting on updated versions of your credit files. Hence, the “credit sweep/swipe” term derives. You will also have to provide a police report that you filed stating that you were a victim of fraud and identity theft. THIS IS FRAUD by all means! It is an illegal and unethical practice. The problem with that is, if the accounts are old and you are just now attempting to file a police report, they will question why it took so long for you to file a report. The other problem with this is that you are now going to claim the debts dont belong to you, when your credit report may show history of payments LOL!! When they do their investigation, they will eventually track where the payments came from; if they came from any of your bank accounts/check payments, then it will point back to you proving the accounts were legitimately yours. You will find yourself in a world of trouble down the road. It may look like a quick fix, but it will hurt in the long run. It’s a horrible tactic/scam that people are paying hundreds of dollars for. The process was not explained to me upfront.

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