Reddit and Tradelines

23 Nov 2023

Reddit and Tradelines: Pros and Cons (and an alternative)

There is a dramatic rise in tradeline-related searches on Reddit (and other forum-like websites). We have some opinions on that. And, we think our opinions will be helpful for consumers researching information about tradelines on Reddit.

What are tradelines, and why do people want them?

As we’ve explained in many areas of our site, the conventional definition of tradelines is “accounts in your credit report.” But, there’s a sub-culture definition of tradelines: “adding authorized user accounts to credit reports to increase credit scores.”

That last one is what people are searching on Reddit.

And that’s the reason why, as well.

Why are people searching for information about tradelines?

The primary reason people search for information on tradelines is to try to determine if the tradelines will help them achieve a particular goal. It’s very common for consumers to conduct pre-purchase research.

The issue with searching for information about tradelines is that the internet is filled to the brim with wrong information.

Which brings us to the point of this post:

Is Reddit a good place to research tradelines?

Like all things in life, yes and no. Reddit has a lot of users and those users are willing to engage in discussions actively. The topic of tradelines on that site enjoys the same treatment. However, we want to break it down in a “pros and cons” analysis so you know what you’re getting your eyes into. Please see the alternative to Reddit section below.


  • The most obvious “pro” is that Reddit has direct interaction with people providing information. And, you can reach this dynamic information without the pressure of a salesman or a scam artist.
  • The second “pro” is that you’re potentially dealing with real consumers with real customer feedback and experiences.
  • The third and last “pro” is somewhere between the previous “pro” and the “cons” section below. These real consumers with real customer feedback often voice their complaints about bad experiences. So, you can learn who to avoid working with in the future. Here’s an example:

0 tradelines are usually scams


  • The first “con” is that you’re dealing primarily with information seekers (there are more people looking for information than providing information).
  • The second “con” is that online comments on most sites – Reddit included – are negative. Internet negativity is nearly a pandemic. So, it’s an emotional risk and it could discourage you from taking the necessary steps toward your credit goal.
    • However, not all negative comments are useless. See complaints above.
  • The third “con” is that you’ll spend a lot of time looking for answers that don’t exist on that site (and there are not a lot of experts on that site readily available to provide valuable information).

Alternatives to Reddit for tradeline information.

Yeah, yeah… a shameless plug,  but listen: We’ve been doing tradelines for 5,089 days. That’s a lot of days. That’s a lot of questions and answers. In fact, we have written, at last count, 171,813 words on tradelines.

We’ve conducted a huge study with different scenarios on how well tradelines work. We built one of the most informative knowledge bases dedicated to tradelines. We built a tradeline simulator so you can see whether tradelines might work for you.

And, of course, you can always contact us and speak with us directly, and we will do a free credit report analysis and help you strategize your credit goals.

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