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06 Mar 2017

[REVEALED] Tradelines for sale: Truth about all the lies.

Tradelines for sale are not the problem; how they’re handled is the problem. While not all companies lie, the credit repair world seems to foster an environment ripe for abuse (especially in an industry where consumers are already in a heightened state of concern for their compromised credit and financial situation). That’s what we wanted to address: the truth about all the lies when it comes to tradelines for sale.

Number 1:

We offer “expedited” reporting.

The implication that a company can offer “expedited” service (being “faster” than its “competitors”) is not only a lie, but it is illogical. Companies which offer tradelines for sale have no ability to speed up the process (although they could drop the ball and slow down the process). Now, before I label companies as liars, I should clarify: We know of two companies that offer “expedited” services. One is lying, the other one is not. One uses it as a fallacious sales technique. The other is usually back-ordered and they offer this “expedited” service to mean that they will place you as a priority over others. Either way, why work with someone that would lie to you for a sale and why work with someone that charges you extra for what they should be doing anyway?

Want tradelines, but concerned about timing?

We do what we say. Contact us and we will put our promises in writing, including the time it takes to add tradelines to your credit report.

Number 2:

“We offer ‘permanent’ score increase!”

This is an outrageous lie; there’s no such thing as permanence, especially in the world of credit and especially since anything could happen tomorrow. For example, suppose you missed a payment on your credit card… you’re score is going down, period. How could a tradeline company promise a “permanent” score increase when they don’t control anything about you or your life? The lie of a permanent score increase after adding tradelines likely falls into unfair and deceptive trade practices. It may also be a violation of the Credit Repair Organizations Act, Title 15 U.S. Code § 1679b – Prohibited practices (and its many State law counterparts), which provides:

(a) In general No person may—

(3) make or use any untrue or misleading representation of the services of the credit repair organization; or

We can improve your credit...

…but, it’s completely up to you to maintain it. We’ll tell you the truth! Call us at 800-431-4741 when you’re ready to start!

Number 3:

“We guarantee your score will increase by X amount of points.”

Like the “permanent” score increase, promising a particular score increase is impossible and, therefore, a lie. After doing this for seven years (and over 20 years of combined experience in tradelines alone), we’d be hard-pressed to accurately predict your score within a 50 point range.

At best, we can make a determination whether we feel you’re likely to benefit given your current credit situations and your credit goals. And, we certainly will be able to tell you if you will not benefit from tradelines and, perhaps, need credit repair first.

If someone makes a promise that their tradelines will increase your score by a certain amount of points… run; they’re lying to you or they don’t know what they’re talking about (pick your poison).

Credit score increases are possible...

…but, not is guaranteed. We will give you a free credit report analysis and recommendation. Again, for free! Call now.

Number 4:

“We offer tradeline financing.”

Well, this one isn’t a lie, but… it’s just as bad as, if not worse than, a lie. We often say to clients:

“If you can’t afford the tradelines, you can’t afford the loan you’ll obtain as a result of the tradelines.”

We’re talking hundreds (or very low thousands) of dollars for tradelines. And, we’re talking tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding goals (cars loans, home mortgage, business funding, etc.).

  • Tradelines may cost as much as your future monthly payments.
  • If you can’t afford your future monthly payments, you can’t afford tradelines, right?
  • So, that brings us to our point:

Why would a tradeline company offer financing on something you should be able to afford in the first place? Well, they are placing their sales goals ahead of your interests and your financial future.

Number 5:

“Your score will go higher if you buy more tradelines with higher limits and order history.”

This is true in certain circumstance, but it is not always true. Therefore, we consider it a lie if stated in a general way. Sometimes, your score will not increase with more tradelines or higher limit tradelines or order seasoned tradelines.

In fact, your credit score could go down by adding extra, older and more expensive tradelines! 

An appropriate determination as to how many and what kind of tradelines you need to meet your particular goal requires a credit report analysis. If you think companies are lying to you about what you need, call us (at 800-431-4741) or email us ( and we will tell you what we believe.

Number 6:

We offer “guaranteed” reporting to all three credit bureaus.

Gosh, that sounds better than the companies that don’t offer guaranteed reporting, right? That’s the way its supposed to sound. Problem? It isn’t (and can’t be) true, because no tradeline company has control over whether tradelines report or not (only banks and credit bureaus have that kind of control). In addition, your actions (believe it or not) can prevent or delay the reporting of tradelines to 1, 2 or all 3 of the credit bureaus (such as in the case of fraud alerts, security freezes, etc.).

Take our “guarantee,” for example. We do not guarantee that the tradelines will report. Instead, we guarantee that if they don’t report, we will correct the problem (such as a replacement line or refund).

Number 7:

We offer “primary” tradelines, which are better than authorized tradelines.

You cannot purchases “primary tradelines for sale.” Period. End of story. Anyone that tells you otherwise is selling you snake oil. It is so ridiculous, too. For example, I have a lot of people with student loans. Want to buy one of them? There’s mortgages and car loans out there. Want to pick up one for a few thousand dollars?

Even if it were possible (or legal) to purchase “primary” tradelines (like seasoned authorized user tradelines), you would be hurting yourself… not helping yourself. The result would be an increase in your debt and financial responsibilities, which would likely lower your debt to credit ratios and your chances of being approved for future lines of credit. This makes absolutely no sense, so stay away from people “selling” primary tradelines.


Get on the phone with a human from a company. Listen to your gut. Is your “tradeline expert” in Manila, Philippines (who has no experience with the credit system in the United States)? Is the company on the phone offering some of the nonsense outlined above? Are they placing sales and pricing before your credit analysis and credit goals? Are they offering you a 150 point boost if you buy their fancy “super-duper-credit-booster” tradeline package? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, get off the phone and call someone else. If you answered “no” to all of these questions, you’re probably already talking to us, so thank you for your time and business!

4 thoughts on “[REVEALED] Tradelines for sale: Truth about all the lies.”

    1. Your question is a good one, because it reveals a misconception. There is no tradeline designed for mortgages. Rather, mortgages require a certain credit score and tradelines may help you achieve that credit score threshold. That’s not just semantics, by the way 🙂

      Some people allege that they sell “mortgage tradelines,” which we have explained is total nonsense.

      The things you have to look out for:

      1) Total amount of negative items: If it is high, you might need credit repair.
      2) Total amount of debt to credit: If it is high, you should add tradelines or pay down debt (or both).
      3) Score requirement from lenders: If the gap is too large, you may need to consider points 1 and 2, again.
      4) Overall underwriting thresholds: If, for example, you have a federally backed loan in default, you’re not getting a loan with 99% down and an 800 credit score. In that case, see points 1, 2 and 3.

      So, the full answer to your question would require a review of your credit report. Give us a call at 800-431-4741 or email us at or visit to get started!

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