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03 Apr 2021

Tradelines for credit repair.

Are there tradelines for credit repair? If so, who has them?

Well, we need to unpack this term and separate it into two separate concepts. We will explain both, below. We’ll also show you how to repair your credit and add tradelines, correctly.

Definition of tradelines for credit repair.

Just so we’re on the same page, let’s define the two terms under review.


Tradelines are the accounts on your credit report. In recent years the term has also come to mean “adding authorized user accounts to credit reports.” The standing of the tradeline will determine whether or not it is beneficial to the authorized user.

Credit repair.

Repairing your credit is much more straightforward. Credit repair means the systematic legal challenges of outdated, inaccurate, or misleading information in your credit report for the purpose of removing or correcting those issues.

In short:

  • “Tradelines” = add items to credit reports.
  • “Credit repair” = remove negative items from your credit reports.

Both can improve credit scores. However, tradelines are typically much faster.


tradelines for credit repair

With the definitions above, you can see that the term “tradelines for credit repair” is actually two terms shoved together.

Here’s what you need to know:

You don’t add tradelines before credit repair (assuming credit repair is needed). This is because the positive impact you may experience from tradelines may be outweighed by the negative information in your credit report. The credit report needs to be repaired first, then tradelines can be added.

You rarely do them together (because you typically do credit repair before you add tradelines). This is because changing credit report information – from the credit repair – can inhibit the tradelines from reporting at all.

Forum question and answer concerning credit repair and tradelines.

So should you do tradelines before credit repair or credit repair before tradelines?

credit repair or tradelines

Here’s our answer:

You might think nothing of your question, but it is music to our ears. You must determine the best course of action and then take it. In the case of credit repair vs. tradelines, you must make the correct choice for your situation.

Yes, tradelines are powerful. And yes, your credit score can improve from either method. However, each solution is beneifical in certain situations and neither method guarantees lending for all individuals.

Credit repair is the best option in certain circumstances. Tradelines are the best option in other circumstances.

The biggest problem we face in the trade line industry is the current credit situation of the client. Meaning, if the client’s credit report has too many negative items, we actually recommend credit repair first so that the impact of trade lines will be fully realized.

Most questions concerning trade lines can be answered with the words “it depends.” This question absolutely falls into that category. Whether you should engage in credit repair services prior to adding tradelines depends totally on what’s in your credit report. In addition, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. I know that’s very general, but that’s the best I can do without performing full credit report analysis.

You should also consider threshold matters, such as whether a negative account like a collection is large enough to be an automatic denial of a loan you seek. In those types of situations, you just have to do credit repair or debt settlement prior to adding tradelines, because even if the trade lines work and your score shoots through the roof, you’d still get denied for the loan.

Together, this means that you do not add tradelines in order to replace or skip over credit repair.
One does not replace the other. You can get results with both credit repair and tradelines, but you need to do them in the right order.

Here’s a quick video as a guide:

In addition, you need to make sure you’re working with a legitimate company for each.

Free advice.

If you’re not sure which solution to move forward with, let us help! With over 10 years of experience, we can lend some insight into your situation, specifically.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You reach out to us and we provide you with a credit report analysis
  2. If you’re in a situation where you need credit repair, we have a network of vetted repair organizations that we can connect you with. We won’t sell tradelines to you if we don’t think that they will help you.
  3. If tradelines are the best option, then we can get you started on that path. Tradelines are what we do and we do it well.

We know that if you add tradelines when you actually needed credit repair, the tradelines aren’t going to work and you’re going to be an unhappy camper.

Once your credit has been repaired, we are standing by to help you with tradelines. That’s when the significant score increases can be realized.

Contact us.

We look forward to working for you and watching you reach your credit potential.

Updated: August 9, 2021

2 thoughts on “Tradelines for credit repair.”

  1. I’m confused. Are you governed under the Credit Repair Organizations Act? I’m just trying to understand the differences between a credit repair company and what a tradeline company does.

    1. Hey Mark,

      This is not an evasion to your question, but… your question is WAY more complicated than it appears. Federal judges have a hard time determining who is and is not a credit repair organization subject to the credit repair organizations act. However, we joke here that our dog is a credit repair organization, because the definition is so wide, it subsumes everything under the sun (presumably, even us). Recently, an auto dealer was found to be a credit repair organization. Also, the credit bureaus themselves (as insanely ironic is that might be) were found to be a credit repair organization).

      We comply with both the CROA and it’s State’s (Florida’s) counterpart.

      The difference between credit repair and tradelines? Credit repair = remove negative items. Tradelines = add positive items.

      Hope that was helpful. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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