07 Sep 2014

Credit Myths Revealed – Do you know the truth about your credit score?

There are hundreds of credit myths out there. If someone starts their sentence with phrases like “My credit score is…”, “I checked my credit score online and…” or “Authorized user tradelines do not affect credit scores…”, then they are probably misinformed.

If you fall into this category, please do not feel bad.

If someone actually understands how credit scoring algorithms work, they probably work for Fair Isaac Corporation. Or, they have spent years reviewing credit reports and scores (like us) thereby obtaining real-world knowledge about how things actually work.

Therefore, we’ve decided to share a few of the myths we’ve come across and revealed the truth behind them.

My credit “score” is just a credit myth.

The phrase “my credit score” (in its singular, not plural form) is fundamentally flawed. Why? Because there is a vast array of credit scores in the marketplace.

You do not have a credit “score”, you have credit “scores”.  More particularly, you have FICO scores, Beacon scores, vantage scores, plus scores, and an array of other “educational” scores.

In addition, each of the score models listed herein has multiple versions of their score.

  • When you go to the auto dealer, they are pulling some sort of auto-enhanced credit score (probably through FICO or Beacon).
  • When you apply for a mortgage, they disregard your highest and lowest scores and take the middle score which is probably one of the latest versions of the FICO score.

“Online” Credit Scores and credit myths.

When people talk about receiving their credit score online, it reveals two things:

  1. They are unfortunately unaware of the credit scoring world and
  2. Credit score modelers have done a great job of staying behind the curtain, as it were, and avoiding the scrutiny of consumers like you.

The “educational” scores referenced above are the scores you will receive from a website online.  Let me say that differently:
there is no website on the entire Internet that will provide you with a score that a lender will use to evaluate your creditworthiness.

Even is an educational score (we’ve had many clients who use and had substantially different credit scores when a lender pulled their credit).

Just to be crystal clear, you can not get your credit score(s) online…anywhere (for free or otherwise).

Debt to Credit Ratio

People often make the assumption that low utilization of available credit will increase their credit score.  This credit myth is technically true but needs to be defined further.

The most common assumption is that if your utilization is below 30%, you’re in the clear.  This is only true to the extent that utilization above 30% can hurt you.  However, utilization of 29% is not necessarily a good thing.  People alternatively assume that a 0% utilization is the preferred state yielding the highest credit score.

This is also not true, because if you are not using credit (and therefore not engaged in repayment), scoring modelers have no risk to assess.

Based on our observation, the optimum debt to credit ratio is between anything above zero and 10% on revolving accounts.

Authorized User Tradelines are not credit myths

I recently read an article (dated sometime in 2014), in which the author – or “protagonist” in this case – droned on with her opinion about whether or not authorized user tradelines will remain a viable technique to increase credit scores.

She quoted news articles from 2007 in which the Fair Isaac Corporation considered removing authorized user tradelines from their algorithm.

They have since announced their decision to remain scoring authorized user tradelines and a study by the Federal Reserve Board (2010) exhibited the effectiveness of authorized user tradelines as a method for credit score enhancement.

So what? What does this matter?

At first, it seems like these credit myths are technicalities and may not have any real-world effect.  However, they can have a larger impact than you may realize.

Consider the case of a potential borrower. This individual is unaware that their credit score is lower than it appeared to him or her online.

In this case, the potential borrower is set up for failure, and his or her efforts may have gone to waste.

Alternatively, consider the case of someone charging up their credit cards to fit the mold of the supposed “optimal” debt to credit ratio, when in reality all they are doing is incurring debt.

Lastly, consider the potential borrower that overlooks the powerful benefits of authorized user tradelines. This individual misses their chance to increase their credit score and lower their interest rate on a 30 year fixed mortgage (which could cost them many thousands of dollars).

What do all of these cases have in common? In each case, knowledge of the credit myths hurt their chances of achieving their financial goals.

6 thoughts on “Credit Myths Revealed – Do you know the truth about your credit score?”

  1. I would like to know how much trade line cost .
    AND what it will take to get ALL THREE credit score in the HIGH EIGHT HUNDRED

    1. Marion,
      Tradelines range in price. The price is determined by the agent limit of the line. Also, depending if we have deals going or if you buy a package price may be cheaper. As horrible of an answer as this may be, the answer to how much tradelines costs is “it depends.”
      Your question as to whether you can get to the high 800s depends on even more factors. As a general rule, is very unlikely that you will be in the 800s is a small minority of the citizens of the country are in 800s (let alone the “high 800s”). You should consider that a goal of being in high 800s superfluous. For example, whether you have a 720 credit score were an 835 credit score, you are not getting any better rates or opening the doors to any better opportunities. So, as a general principle, try not to be sidetracked by unnecessary goals… Stay focused on what you’re trying to achieve.
      With that said, give us a call at 800-431-4741 or email us at so we can discuss your goals and determine whether or not tradelines can help you achieve them.

  2. I am interested in purchasing trade lines to boost my credit score to consolidate some of my debt as well as do some home improvement to my home. Please send me some information in the mail of how your company works and how I need to apply. My mailing address is DELETED. If it can be email please send it to DELETED.

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