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07 May 2015

Buy Tradelines: Cheap, Fast and Reliable | Here’s how to buy tradelines…

Buy tradelines today and have better credit, tomorrow?

That’s the prevailing thought, anyway. We all know the end goal; an increased credit score without having to wait years to obtain it. The shortcut, of course, is buying a higher credit score by renting authorized user tradelines from a third party’s revolving credit cards. If you’re looking to buy tradelines, you likely have three priorities:

  1. Buying tradelines as inexpensively as possible;
  2. Purchasing a tradeline that reports quickly
  3. Working with a reliable tradeline company.

In isolation, each one of these goals is very possible. However, checking off all three can be much more difficult.

Buy tradelines, inexpensively.

First of all, there’s nothing special about tradelines with respect to pricing… they are just like every other product in the world; you will buy tradelines at the exact price for which someone is willing to sell them. The market does a great job of this. In fact, if someone says they can go below the market price for tradelines, it is because they offer below the market service. The idea of “inexpensive” tradelines is relative to what you get for what you pay. If we off a tradeline at $600.00 and someone tells you they can do it for $450.00, that sounds great, right? Well, what if they just take your $450.00 and provide no service?

**TIP: When it comes to price, start first with the value you would receive and then put a price tag on it.**

Purchasing quickly reporting tradelines.

This topic has been the victim of much gimmicky sales tactics. As we have written many times before, tradelines report monthly (for the majority of accounts). So, there’s no such thing as an “expedited service”. Just anticipate waiting between 30 and 45 days and take this time pressure off your plate. If someone tells you otherwise, they either a) want more money from you or b) are desperate for clients. 30 to 45 days is “quick” because it is the only timeline that exists.

Reliable tradeline companies.

People can claim everything, promise you the world, etc. We see companies pop up all the time (and since we’ve been in business for 11 years, we’ve had plenty of time to observe this). Some of the new kids on the block always have their voice. Most of the time, they aren’t even a business. When we talk about “reliability”, we’re talking about a legitimate business, not flashy online content. It is easy to search a company for their records and we have encouraged our visitors to do so. Before you buy tradelines, look up a company’s business records and make sure they’re actually a business.

Clarification of frequently asked and searched terms.

Don’t do it. Between the blog post and comments, we’ve written thousands of words alone on CPNs (or “credit profile numbers”). It’s illegal, so don’t waste your time. Buying tradelines for a CPN is like buying premium gas for a stolen car. It’s ultimately a waste of money and will cost you more than just the loss on the purchase.

$100 tradelines don’t exist. Card holders (the ones adding you as an authorized user after you buy tradelines) get paid more than $100.00.  The cost associated with organizing all the people to facilitate the transaction is 5 to 10 times higher than $100.00. When you’re searching for $100 tradelines, you might as well search for free ones. “$100 tradelines” = “Is there anyone out there that doesn’t value their time, effort and know-how.” Ultimately, however, searching for $100 tradelines is going to cost you, because you’re likely going to get ripped off. Finally, for those actually selling $100 tradelines (well, the lowest I’ve ever seen was $150.00), you don’t want them.

These tradelines will likely reduce your credit score, by putting you in a lower credit “score card” where FICO (and other credit scoring modelers) will treat you like an irresponsible college kid.

Again, your score could literally go down if you bought $100.00 tradelines.

One of the first things you should consider when in the market to buy tradelines is the quality of the company. We addressed this above. But, here’s our best tip: Think about your rights as a consumer. A good tradeline company will not take payment upfront – they will use an escrow service. They will put all of the terms of the agreement in writing, and you will both sign it to ensure that you understand what services you’ll receive. Finally, they will have constant communication and will provide answers to all of your questions.

Above I told you that $100.00 tradelines are a bad idea, that they don’t exist and if they do, you don’t want them. But, free tradelines? How could I be in support of that? Well, because you should try to buy tradelines if you do not have a family member or friend willing to add you as an authorized user. Here’s two things you need to know: First, make sure the account is in good standing and that it makes sense for your credit report. Second, send them to us so we can help them make money selling tradelines with us.

We’ve had many companies clone our processes and research and development. Some companies even try to copy our name. Superior Tradelines. Superior = best = top. Get it? Superior (or “top”) Tradelines. With us, it isn’t just a name. It’s what we do.

We’ve written a lot about the effectiveness of tradelines and whether or not and to what extent they work. More recently, we took a unique approach to this. Rather than before and after results, we studied the impact of our tradelines. What does this mean? Well, we added a tradelines to client’s file, their score went up and then we took a snap show of the increase, removed the tradeline and took a snap shot of the decrease. You can see how tradelines work here.



Everyone wants to claim to be the “fastest”, most “inexpensive” and “reliable”. At the end of the day, tradelines report monthly, the market dictates the price at which you will buy tradelines and a tradeline company’s records speak for themselves. I hope this post was helpful.

Updated: November 12, 2021

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    I just acquired my SSN. I am a new immigrant about a month ago. Can pruchasing tradelines help me get a FICO score quickly?

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