24 Jun 2014

Yes, we have a reseller program. We call it an affiliate program. This program is designed for people who have clients who need better credit scores by adding tradelines to their credit report. This includes credit repair companies, because although credit repair can improve credit scores, typically after removing a lot of items, clients need a boost to their credit score. In other words, your score can only increase so much by removing negative and eventually need to add positive. In fact, it is not uncommon for credit scores to go down after credit repair. In addition to credit repair companies, we also work with real estate agents who have clients who need better credit scores. That’s where our affiliate program comes in. Credit repair companies, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, car salesmen, etc., are all types of companies and industries that benefit from our affiliate program. Once you’re approved for our affiliate program, you can purchase our trade lines for your clients at a flat rate. This rate is negotiated between you and the representative with whom you work at superior trade lines LLC. Getting started is easy, just click the image (and fill out the form shown) below. Yes. You can learn about our affiliate program by clicking here. As written there, if your product or service relies on your client’s credit worthiness, you can order tradelines through us and for your client. We work with many mortgage brokers, credit repair companies, real estate agents, among other industries. There’s primarily two different options under our affiliate / reseller / wholesaler program. Flat Rate If you want to take on the responsibility of using our service in a wholesale manner, then we can offer our entire inventory of tradelines at a flat rate cost. You pay us the flat rate, per line. You can charge your client whatever you want. The rate you pay is negotiated based on volume, the relationship established, industry, etc. You can call us to find out more. 800-431-4741 or email us at info@superiortradelines.com Referral Process Some companies, especially high ticket service providers like mortgage brokers, do not want to deal with an extra service and don’t find the profit off tradelines worth their time when they’re making thousands of dollars per deal. In those case, they prefer to simply refer the client to us […]

30 Aug 2013

We require before and after reports from our clients to confirm that the tradelines purchased reported as promised. Because of this, some of our clients express concern with pulling their credit reports because of a malignant misconception that (any) credit report inquires negatively affect credit scores. Let’s clear this up… From credit repair experts, to executives at FICO, inc., to any rung on the latter at any of the credit bureaus, everyone would agree that a consumer who pulls his or her own credit report online will have absolutely no credit score impact whatsoever. This is one of those rare questions which can be answered unequivocally. From the horse’s mouth: The only time your credit score is negatively affected by pulling the credit report (otherwise known as a hard inquiry) is when a lender or insurance provider with a permissible purpose to access your legitimate credit report does so. Again, from the horse’s mouth: In fact, it’s not just one or two inquiries, but how many inquiries you have overall in context. Typically, your scores are not affected if you have an inquiry that is subsequently accompanied by a new line of credit. It’s usually when you have excessive inquiries and no line of credit, because this tells the credit bureaus lending institutions evaluated your credit and did not give you any type of account. This means two things. First, that you’re excessively looking for credit which is a risk indicator. Second, you were denied by multiple lending institutions, which is another risk indicator. None of this applies at all to a consumer who pulls his or her own credit report. You absolutely will not be penalized for curiosity and online consumer education reports and scores are not at all considered for lending purposes. In conclusion, there is no situation in which a consumer’s credit report would be negatively affected by that consumers review of their own credit report online.

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