Tradelines costs and recommendation

11 Aug 2016

Duration, costs, risks and recommendation.

Updated: July 27, 2021

Often it is our clients who write the best content. We get emails with great questions and our email inboxes are filled with some of the best content that exists. So, we’ve decided (with permission from the clients) to take those emails and convert them into blog posts. Here’s one, for example:

Hi Rob,
I have been working with Lexington Law in an effort to remove certain negative items (i.e. student loan delinquent payment was late for 3 months and 2 other delinquent accounts). They have assured me of working to remove these negatives but I am little curious about the student loan payment delinquency report. I am not sure if that’s removable.
Also, I’ve been talking to another person that discusses the addition of tradelines. But unlike yours with a website that has blogs and other questions and answers, he has nothing. After reading some of the questions and answers you’ve provided, I find your responses very genuine; as such, I am thinking about going that route with your organization. However, I have few questions and below are they:
1. Are the scores permanent after the addition and removal of the tradelines?
2. How much will it cost to add a tradeline that has over 5 years of history?
3. What is the risk besides the owner of the card default in the regular payment of the credit card debt?
4. Overall, what do you advise?
Currently, my credit score stands around 650; how many points do you think a tradeline will improve my score by?

Credit Repair and Tradelines

It is a very common practice to engage in credit repair before adding tradelines. Even though your credit score will improve by adding tradelines before credit repair, sometimes that score increase doesn’t even matter. For example, suppose we got a 70 point boost for you. 70 points from 400 are still 470, which is an unapprovable score for any type of lending. Or, for example, suppose we get you into the 700s. Depending on the type of negative accounts (federally back default debt, substantial collections, etc.), underwriters would deny you anyway, regardless of your 700 credit score.

So, with respect to the first paragraph in the email above, I would continue credit repair until you’ve reached a point in which the negatives have been removed and/or corrected or a point where the negative items will not prevent you from benefiting from tradelines. We will do a free credit report analysis before you purchase tradelines, so perhaps you should connect with us and take advantage of that.

Answers to your questions:

  1. There’s no such thing as permanent with respect to credit and credit scores. Your credit and credit scores change daily. Concerning the boost you receive from adding tradelines, the same applies. Tradelines are a short-term technique. Adding tradelines should be coordinated with your funding or other credit-related efforts. Once you obtain your credit goals, you can build your own credit thereafter. Thus, the boost from the authorized user tradelines becomes irrelevant.
  2. It is kind of impossible to answer that question, but also, it is a bad question to ask. You should start by saying “My goal is X. My credit is Y. What and how many tradelines do I need to achieve my goal?” Then, after that question is answered, you say “Okay, how much does that cost?” The reason I reframed this question is to expose the fact that price is irrelevant if the tradelines do not work. When you get your free credit repair analysis, just ask one of the guys to work up a quote for your particular situation.
  3. Technically, even the risk you stated isn’t a risk (well, I guess it could be, temporarily). You have to realize that the cardholders make a lot of money and have a financial interest in maintaining the cards (to continue making money). Also, since the nature of the account is an authorized user, disputing it is much easier than a primary account. In other words, should this very unlikely even happen, you can simply dispute the account off your credit report. The risks associated with tradelines have little to do with the practice, but everything to do with the practitioners.
  4. If you want a credit report analysis and recommendation, get in contact with us by emailing or signing up now

Score increase:

Without seeing your credit report (meaning, the specific accounts, and their statuses), there’s no way to answer that question. We’ve written an article titled “How much will my score increase by adding Tradelines?” which gives a general idea of score increases with three or four different scenarios.

Also, that article references a Federal Reserve Board study, which has a ton of great information. A 650 credit score could be a 650 for many different reasons. For example, you might have perfect credit except for one missed payment on a credit card. In that case, your score might not increase much by adding tradelines. Or, you might have very little credit. In that case, your score will increase pretty drastically by adding authorized user tradelines. Again, it goes back to a credit report analysis.

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  1. hi robbie, i signed up with a company called [moderated] paid them to clean my credit within the last 2 wks. they introduced me tradelines (will help me to boost up my scores.) so i am excited about it after i read your website, very educational same time my awareness raised. i am thinking of refinancing my home, what’s your advice about refinance or loan to pay off the interest? lower my mortagage payments (just pay the principal loan)?

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