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13 Sep 2012

Buying Tradelines to get approved for Tradelines?

In response to a massive amount of client inquiries regarding their efforts to obtain credit cards, we decided to write this blog to help you make an informed decision. There are two main factors a creditor considers when you apply for a line of credit; income and credit scores.


Aside from buying tradelines, how much income do I need to get approved for a credit card?

Income has a large part to do with the amount of credit you are extended by each creditor.

As a general rule, the higher your income, a larger amount of credit a creditor will extend to you. This fact should not provoke you to embellish your income, because, aside from the fact that it is immoral to lie, creditors may audit your application and ask for proof of income. If you lied about your income, they may limit your credit or close the account entirely.

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing the income required to get any certain amount of credit. However, the higher the income, generally, the higher the amount of credit a creditor will extend.


In addition to buying tradelines, what score do I need to get approved for a particular credit card?

Evaluating credit scores is the main factor in determining whether or not you get approved for any particular line of credit as well as the interest rate you are offered. Once you know this information, you are more prepared to determine if buying tradelines is a good option for you. Also, credit scores help creditors determine whether or not you are a candidate for any promotional offers they may have at the time of your application, such as zero interest for 12 months, etc. Buying tradelines can help satisfy lender requirements.


Fortunately, there is a way to determine what kind of credit score you need to get approved for any line of credit offered by any creditor.

At their website has a section called “creditpulls”, which is a fantastic resource which is populated by actual consumers (not businesses or creditors) who report their experience after their application.
The individuals report their credit score at the time of application, whether or not they were approved, which credit bureaus the creditors pulled, from what creditor they applied and other notes such as income and their credit report characteristics. From this information, you can help determine whether or not you stand to get approved from the credit card you desire. And, if not, you can determine if you want to purchase tradelines to help you get approved.


6 thoughts on “Buying Tradelines to get approved for Tradelines?”

  1. HI,
    I have a clean file on equifax and also on transunion. can you add positive tradelines on these two bureaus so I can get $25,000 and up on credit cards and lines of credit? Whast is the wholesale rate as I have a few client who wish to add positive tradeklines on their credit reports. can you send me the list. thanks,

  2. Nathan,

    Our tradelines report to all three bureaus. In that case, the lines will report to equifax and transunion. However, adding tradelines to a clean file does not guarantee you will receive any funding from any lender. This depends on your income, etc., as well as your credit. So, as far as funding goes, we can help with the credit score, but the rest is up to you and your lender.

    If you are interested in our affiliate program, you can fill out the pre-qualification form here:

    We would have to verify your business prior to discussing the wholesale pricing model and structure.

    I hope that helps.



  3. hello im looking to buy a house in the near future but my credit score is low and I have quite a few collections is it possible to add a tradeline to boost my score to qualify for a mortgage loan?

    1. With only the information you provided, I can only say I don’t know. Yes, trade lines will help increase your credit score. However, depending on the nature of the collections, credit scores might not be the only issue and you may be denied despite having sufficient credit scores. What you need to do is talk to one of our credit specialist to find out whether or not trade lines can help after they review your credit report.

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