11 May 2014

How much do tradelines cost? $600.00? $1,000.00? More?

How much do tradelines cost?

We’ve seen tradelines listed as low as $50.00 to over $2,000.00. But, you should look out for under-priced and over-priced tradelines.

In short, I’d say $600.00 would be a good deal for a single tradelines and $2,000.00 would be a good deal for a tradeline package with 3 tradelines.

But, there’s a lot more to consider when you’re trying to evaluate tradeline costs.

We should first frame the question as tradeline pricing vs. credit goals.

I feel like I answer this question quite often, but I’m happy to do it.

How much tradelines cost depends on many things. So, it’s kind of like asking how much does a car cost. Before we even ask that question, we ask what kind of car you need, right?

You should look at tradelines as in item you need and then try to find the best price (not the other way around).

It doesn’t matter if you get a good deal on a product you don’t need. So how much do tradelines cost is not the most relevant question in terms of priority?

Once you determine the tradelines you need for your particular goal, then you should determine how much the tradelines cost. For example:

  • If you need three tradelines, that package is going to cost more than one tradeline.
  • If you need a significant age tradeline, it’s going to cost more than a younger age trade line.
  • If you need a significantly large limit tradeline, is going to cost more than a smaller limit trade line.

Here’s an example of tradelines costs and pricing:

tradelines costs and pricing example

Tradelines pricing is irrelevant?

While the former is true, the difference is not that relevant when you look at the larger funding effort.

For example, if you’re getting a $300,000 mortgage, what do you care if the price of trade lines differs $500 or more.

The amount you’ll save on a 30-year mortgage makes the cost of trade lines almost entirely insignificant.

While clients typically ask how much the trade lines cost, the answer is simple, but all we ask is that you focus on your goals first.

You might find differences in price from company to company, but you should always go with the company at puts your goals first.

Tradeline Deals?

I will tell you that there are sometimes deals based on market factors (influx of inventory, etc.). For example, we run specials when appropriate:

tradelines costs and deals

Free tradelines?

For fun promotions, we’ve given away tradelines in the past. We did a tradeline competition where people would share the page and the person with the most shares won. You should definitely follow us on Facebook, Twitter, etc., so you are aware of and when we run those promotions in the future.


4 thoughts on “How much do tradelines cost? $600.00? $1,000.00? More?”

  1. Other websites show cost of tradelines and dates the tradelines will post do you offer the same service?

  2. Michelle,

    I somehow missed your post, so sorry it took me so long to get back with you. Interestingly, we wrote a blog post answering your question a few days ago. You can find it here: Why “tradeline lists” are problematic.

    In addition to that answer, or perhaps more specifically from that answer, it’s generally a horrible idea to say “Let me see your list… okay, I want this one”. It’s like picking blindly at medicine. And, before I steal Raj’s analogy, I’ll wait for him to answer this post as well.

    I’d recommend you give us a call and speak in detail about your credit concerns and credit goals. Only then will someone be prepared to move forward with tradelines or alternative options.

    I hope that helps,



  3. Michelle,

    It would make sense to have a trade line list with costs on our website if all of our clients’ credit reports and credit goals were exactly the same. But this is far from the truth. Everyone is different.

    You would never go to a doctor’s office and have the doctor open up his medicine cabinet and ask you, “What medicine would you like today?” Of course, the doctor would first analyze you and use their years of experience in their respected field to provide you an accurate recommendation of what medicine you need. We do the same with your credit!

    We will evaluate your goals, analyze your credit report, and then provide an accurate recommendation of what you need from there. This is all done at no cost to you or any of our clients.

    In my opinion, it is extremely irresponsible and somewhat lazy to just put a trade line list on a website for clients to choose from. On the contrary, we never show a list to our clients because we genuinely want to see our clients benefit from our service and ensure they are choosing the right trade lines.

    Remember, if you aim at nothing, you will hit it with great accuracy. Be goal orientated!

    Feel free to get your credit report and goals analyzed at no cost by someone at Superior Tradelines. You can reach my direct number (407-796-1076) or email me at raj@superiortradelines.com


    Raj Sahoo

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