01 May 2014

If you need to boost your credit score fast with tradelines, that’s a possibility. However, this is not a product which applies in all circumstances. For example, if you have actively reporting collection accounts, the trade lines are to help you. If you have this significantly more negative items than positive, the trade lines are to help they might not over, the deficiency you face in terms of credit. Or other examples include situations in which your credit score and qualify you for a loan, but some particular account or issue in your credit report would cause an automatic denial during underwriting.

fast tradelines

So, if you need to boost your credit score fast with tradelines, you need to consider the totality of the circumstances of your credit file. This can be done by a free credit report analysis by one of our trained experts. We will go through your credit report, line by line. We will ask what your goal is. And from there, will determine whether or not trade lines are a viable option to achieve your goals.

Tradelines are not for everybody or every credit situation, but if you are a potential candidate, will certainly let you know. If we tell you that trade lines are not going to work, you should highly consider our recommendation for alternative methods of credit enhancement, such as credit repair. We want to make sure our services work for clients, sore not to waste time trying to shove around peg in a square hole. If you need to boost your credit score fast with tradelines, let us perform a credit report analysis and help you determine whether tradelines are right for you.

01 May 2014

Approvals for credit cards require more than just purchasing tradelines for sale. Will tradelines help get you approved for credit cards? Possibly. There’s a really two ways to look at this: 1) Manual underwriting 2) Automatic (or computer/algorithm).

Manual underwriting:

I can’t answer you, because I don’t know what’s in your credit report. As a result, I can’t tell you whether or not your credit score will increase enough from adding tradelines to be approved for credit cards. Also, I don’t know with which banks you’re applying. As a result, I don’t know what their underwriting procedures area. So, what do I know? 🙂

Automatic (or computer/algorithm).

In the case of automatic approvals, such as in the case of online applications, you have a much higher chance of approval, assuming your credit scores increase to a particular level. Also, if you have any significant negative items, like charge-offs, late payments or collections for credit card accounts, don’t even both applying until those are resolved. That aside, how do we know what level of credit score is required? Here’s a really cool trick / resource.

getting credit cards with authorized user tradelines

It’s called creditboards. Go to their website, and click on “credit pulls.” Once you’re there, you can search a state, bank, etc., and you will be given results (like the image above) of real people who have recently applied for credit cards. You will see whether they were approved or denied, what credit score they had, the lines of credit their received, etc.

So, once you have this knowledge, you can use our service to add tradelines. From there, you can apply for the lines of credit you’re looking for.


24 Apr 2014

Whether its possible to get a 650 credit score with tradelines is a dynamic question. As posed, it’s impossible to answer the question. So, I’ll provide some scenarios in order suggest a possible answer. Obviously, to determine where you can go you need to determine where you are. More importantly than where you are, in terms of credit, you need to know why you are there to begin with. For example, you could have a 500 credit score for many, many reasons. You could have a 500 credit score if you have very little credit and one tiny blemish. Or, you have the 500 credit score because you bunch of credit and the balance of negative to positive accounts results of 500 credit score.

tradelines for a 650 credit score

In the first hypothetical, it’s possible to see drastic increases in score because the positive impact of the added trade lines will not be inhibited by other items in your credit report. In the second hypothetical, the impact an increase in score after adding trade lines to your credit report will be subdued by the other accounts in your report.

So, I guess it’s impossible for me to answer your question. However, we provide free credit report analysis on all client credit reports and after this 10 minute procedure we can answer your question, in fact. While it is possible to reach 650 with trade lines, is not possible to answer that question unless a full credit report analysis conducted.

03 Feb 2014

Whether tradelines can increase credit scores from 550 to 650 is one question. Whether you’d get a mortgage if that happened is another question, all together. Nothing frustrates me more than when I ask  a question and someone says “that’s not the question you want to ask.” Well, unfortunately, that’s what I’m about to do to you. But, I’ll also answer you directly.

tradelines scors and mortgage approvals

High credit scores are necessary for mortgage approvals, but high credit scores are not sufficient for mortgage approvals. Meaning, high credit scores, alone, will not get you approved for a mortgage. So, that’s why tradelines should be used strategically and targeted, not recklessly and general.

If you have a 550 credit score, there’s a reason for it, such as collections, charge-offs, etc. So, even if our tradelines increased your credit score to 650, you may have checked-the-box on your score requirement, but you may be automatically denied for the loan because of the collection account (regardless of your new credit score).

So, my answer is that is it possible to get a 100 point boots. But, that’s not the most important thing to consider. Your goal is the highest priority. Whether tradelines help you achieve your goal is the only thing that matters. That’s where credit report analysis comes in.

08 Dec 2013

It’s complicated, actually. The first thing we will consider when we review your credit report is whether or not your credit files are actually open and active. You cannot actually “open” a credit file by adding authorized user tradelines. For example, when you get a loan or a credit card, that loan or credit card can actually open your credit files and make them active. However, adding authorized user tradelines will NOT open your file, and nothing will happen. If, on the other hand, you files are open and active and simply have nothing on them, then adding tradelines will work and you will see dramatic increases in score.

tradelines with no credit report accounts

So, we will need to see your credit report prior to answering your question with accuracy.

The next question after that will be; what are you trying to accomplish in terms of credit? In your situation, with a limited file, lenders are not going to have much to evaluate. Sometimes this is good, sometimes they want to see primary tradelines that you’ve had for a certain period of time.

At the end of the day, in your situation, I cannot see adding tradelines as a bad thing (unless your files aren’t open). Because, you will boost your scores and be able to establish credit on your own much faster than if you got the traditional and typical “starter” credit cards, which kind of lump you into a “starter” file.

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