02 Jul 2012

Seasoned tradeline

Seasoned Tradelines? We get so many good questions about seasoned tradelines from our customers here at Superior Tradelines, we decided to write a blog post and answer them rather than making you search through our tradelines frequently asked questions or submit questions to our forum. What are seasoned tradelines? In another post, we explained what a trade line is, which you can read by clicking here. There is technically no difference between a tradeline and a seasoned tradeline. The “seasoned” part simply implies that the tradeline has a history. It should be safely assumed that when you are buying tradelines for the purpose of boosting your credit score, that the seasoned tradeline is actually seasoned; that it actually has a positive history of on-time payments. Where is the best place to get seasoned tradelines? There are 25,500 search results for seasoned tradelines on google as of the time of this post. So, often times, people are curious as to the best place to buy seasoned tradelines. You will find places to buy them on all major search engines, craigslist, back page, etc. As with any product, you would probably be foolish to purchase seasoned tradelines from some guy in the middle of nowhere who advertises on craigslist, has no business name or record of a registered business, doesn’t take phone calls and asks for upfront fees. You need to be smart about your purchase and research many different companies, check for reviews on ripoffreport.com (or similar consumer protection sites), ensure the company is actually a business (you can check the public records), and make sure they don’t take upfront fees (unless they are bonded with the state). Despite popular opinion, there ARE many legitimate companies that provide seasoned tradelines, it’s just that there are more of them that fall into the illegitimate category. How do seasoned trade lines work? The process is pretty simple. You pay a fee to be added as an authorized user to a select seasoned tradeline. Your credit score is increased because you have added years of perfect payment history to your credit profile. What credit score boost to expect when adding seasoned tradelines? This is a tough question to answer without the specifics of each scenario. Here are some scenarios as an example. Your credit score is calculated based on the information in your credit report. […]

01 Jun 2012


What are tradelines? People are often confused about what tradelines are. The answer to “what are tradelines” is simply this… it’s just another word for “account” on your report. The term “tradelines” is a financial industry term for an account. Usually, this refers to an account appearing on someone’s credit report. In our opinion, a large majority of people searching google for “what are tradelines on a credit report” are referring to the addition of seasoned tradelines to boost your credit scores.Of those people, they usually hear about the concept from friends, real estate agents, credit repair specialists, or mortgage brokers. Often, the concept is discovered in their effort to increase their credit scores. Tradelines are perceived as a secret tool to quickly increase your credit score. This is especially true in the face of a credit profile adversely affected by negative items, such as late payments, charge offs, etc. While I don’t want to overstate or unrealistically agree with such a contention, I do have to agree to some extent.   What are Trade lines on your credit report? As discussed above, any account appearing on your credit report is a tradeline. Whether it’s good or bad, your collective tradelines make up your credit report. The information from your creditors regarding each account (otherwise known as a tradelines) is collected by the major credit bureaus; Experian, Equifax and Transunion. What are Seasoned Tradelines? Seasoned tradelines is a term mostly describing the addition of an authorized user account on your credit report. Obviously, the intent is to have a seasoned account (an account with perfect payment history over an extended period of time) added to your credit report. This account will have a positive impact on your credit report given it’s stellar history and perfect credit posture. Now, when someone asks what are tradelines, you can give them an accurate answer.   What does Superior Tradelines mean? What are tradelines? Better question, what is Superior Tradelines? Superior Tradelines is a company dedicated to improving credit score by adding individuals to authorized user accounts in perfect standing. If you don’t have a relative willing to add you as an authorized user, you can still benefit from this concept by simply purchasing a tradeline from us. To learn more about how this process works. To learn why you should buy tradelines from […]

26 May 2012

piggybacking credit history legality

Piggybacking credit and piggybacking tradelines is the topic of this article. Piggybacking is the same thing as adding authorized users, adding trade lines, etc. It’s all synonymous. The term “piggybacking” refers to hitching a ride on someone else’s good credit standing. The origins of piggybacking credit – a very brief discussion. The ability to piggyback off of someone’s credit (or more accurately stated, their credit card), came about as the result of the 1974 Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Piggybacking credit was actually an unintended consequence of the way this law was written. To understand in more detail, you need to read the file “piggybacking credit” attached below. Does piggybacking credit or piggybacking tradelines still work? Despite what the “rumor net” will tell you, piggybacking credit has not changed since 1974. A lot of people search for piggybacking followed by 2010, 2011, etc., as if the concept has changed. To end this search, all you have to do is keep up with the regulation that implemented this concept. When the Equal Credit Opportunity Act changes, then it’s time to re-evaluate whether or not the piggybacking still works. The legality of piggybacking credit – with a disclaimer… First, we are not rendering legal advice. We are merely writing as laypersons and pointing you in the direction of what we find relevant on the matter. The document discussed above and as attached below explains the legality of piggybacking very concisely. Here’s an example: [blockquote]This is possible because creditors generally have followed a practice of furnishing to credit bureaus information about all authorized users, whether or not the authorized user is a spouse, without indicating which authorized users are spouses and which are not. This practice does not violate Reg. B.[/blockquote] Indeed, after someone has done their research on the matter, they set out on a new search trying to find a reliable tradeline company. This post isn’t a sales pitch, so we will leave you with this. Read our post, Why Buy Tradelines From Superior Tradelines, and if you have any doubts left, please keep looking and find for someone else. Otherwise, give us a call at 800 431 4741 or email us at info@superiortradelines.com Download “Piggybacking credit” files: Piggybacking Credit – piggybacking credit

06 Mar 2012


The FICO’ 08 fico score and the mysteries they pretend exist. We’ve all heard the propaganda, “authorized user tradelines don’t work anymore”, “I heard that fico 08 isn’t going to score authorized user tradelines”, etc. The bottom line is this: “Every generation of the FICO score formula has included authorized user credit card accounts when calculating a person’s score. FICO 8 score continues that policy. This can help people benefit from their shared management of a credit card account. It also helps lenders by providing scores that are based on a full snapshot of the consumer’s credit history.” myFICO.com  As we’ve said before, if FICO actually removed authorized user consideration from their fico score model, they would have violated the Federal Reserve Reg. B. as well as the Equal Opportunity Credit Act. Bankrate agrees: “Fair Isaac said lenders complained that using FICO 08 would inhibit compliance with Federal Reserve Regulation B, which requires lenders assessing a married person’s credit risk to consider the credit history of accounts shared by the spouses.” Bankrate.com In fact, we aren’t even going to weigh in on the fico score issue. Please dismiss opinions and speculation and allow the following video to serve as the authority on the issue. The CEO of FICO, Dr. Mark N. Greene, addresses the FICO ’08 model and specifically states that Authorized User accounts remain as a mechanism for credit improvement.   What does this mean for you? Quite simply, if you were considering the use of authorized user tradelines to increase your fico score, you should not worry about the fico ’08 credit score model and the propaganda that surrounds it. If you need to purchase tradelines to boost your fico score, please contact us by calling 800-431-4741 or by emailing us at info@superiortradelines.com We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with increasing your fico score using this age-old trick that hasn’t changed since it began in 1974.

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