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28 Jan 2014

We’re giving away tradelines (again)!

Yes, we are giving away free tradelines. We have many tradelines for sale and you can win one! You need to register with the form below (not the standard registration form on our site). Please share, others may want to know about this as well. If this sweepstake takes off, we may consider doing this monthly. Before you enter the sweepstakes, please note:

Update: Winner chosen. See below.

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  • No purchase necessary, but you must be registered (see the next bullet point).
  • You must have registered with Superior Tradelines PRIOR to the winner being picked. In other words, if you were picked, but didn’t register first, you will be skipped over and the next person in line will be chosen as the winner.
  • The winner is randomly generated by a computer (
  • Once you enter, you will have a chance to share the contest with others. Listen closely… every time you share this contest, YOUR NAME is entered again. So, if you share the contest 100 times, you get 100 chances to win.
  • You didn’t miss your chance! Even if you purchased tradelines already, or if you plan to purchase them soon, you can still register for the contest. If you win, you can either have another tradeline added to your credit file OR you can have a refund in the amount of the winnings.
  • There must be at least 100 entries for the sweepstakes/contest to be activated. So, please share!

Good luck, and as the lotto says… “you can’t win if you don’t play”.

Congratulations to Fareedah Correa, the winner of the free tradeline!

Contest Winner Fareedah
Contest Winner Fareedah Correa

19 thoughts on “We’re giving away tradelines (again)!”

  1. i would love to win the prize in order to help to get a loan for my Band which i attached the website thank you for the opportunity

  2. I tried applying for the free tradeline but prior to putting in my information I was only able to get my first name in before my dog licked my phone and hit enter. I would really like to get the free tradeline as I really need it to move and get a car.

  3. This is perfect timing, my Range Rover broke down and I’m in desperate need of a new truck, however my credit sucks!
    Are we able to enter daily or is it a one time thing?

    1. Hello,

      Unfortunately, no, the system will automatically delete multiple submissions. However, after you submit you’ll see four social media icons. If you click those and share it, you receive an additional entry each and every time you share it.

      Hope this helps.



    1. John,

      Would provide plenty of options for you to get information, however, here are your options: 1) Call us at 800-431-4741. 2) E-mail us at info@superiortradelinescom 3) click the get started buttons found anywhere on our website. If you’re having any trouble getting in contact with us, please use this information as a guide.

  4. Is there any legitimate agency that you suggest to help clean my credit. I’ve been working with an agency that has made one promise after another with no results. Please help.

    1. We are about to announce a partnership with a company for credit repair. However, I can’t just yet. I will email you personally upon launch.

  5. I need 5 trade lines 10000 each 5 years old would like to spend 2000 if this is something your company can do let me know

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