03 Sep 2014

How soon do tradelines report?

If you were to take a broad view of the overall transaction, the question “how soon tradelines report?” would be very low on a list of other questions. In the first place, there is very rarely a situation wherein a tradeline does not report within 30 days. In the second place, it’s more important to time your transaction to your circumstances rather than timing your circumstances to the tradeline transaction.

Tradeline reporting is always the same

All tradelines – and I mean revolving credit card accounts with respect to authorized user status – have a 30-day billing cycle. At the end of the billing cycle, the credit card company collects all the data relevant to the previous 30 days and reports it to the credit bureaus. This data includes payment history, changes of address (if any), authorized user additions, etc. Therefore, if you are added as an authorized user to a credit card, it will report to your credit report shortly after the reporting cycle ends. Considering these facts, the question “how soon do trade lines report?” is somewhat irrelevant.

Circumstances matter more than time

Let’s say you’re purchasing a new home in trying to obtain a mortgage. This process usually takes a few months.  Therefore, it would make no sense to purchase tradelines before you’re prepared to complete an application for a mortgage (during which time the lender will pull your credit).  The sensible thing to do, given the circumstances, is to purchase tradelines 30 to 45 days prior to applying for the mortgage.  Since the credit score impact from the tradelines purchased decreases over time it makes the most sense to purchase the tradelines closer to the date on which you apply for the mortgage.

Let’s take the same example (applying for a mortgage) and assume your credit suffers from substantial derogatory items.  In this case, the timeframe of the tradelines does not really matter, because you should probably not be purchasing tradelines in the first place.  You will want to undergo credit repair prior to purchasing tradelines so that you receive a maximum (or actual) benefit from your purchase.  Companies that try to sell you tradelines when you don’t stand to benefit from them are not the kind of companies with which you want to do business.


Like I said at the beginning of this article, there are many questions to ask prior to “how soon do tradelines report?”.  For example, what are my goals, how soon do what plan to take action towards my goals, which is my current credit score look like, etc? From there the question quote house into tradelines report?”  answers itself.

14 thoughts on “How soon do tradelines report?”

  1. i am interested in getting some authorized user account on a regular basis for my clients that are looking to boost there credit scores to qualify for better rates on mortgages and auto loans etc can you please email me some kind of a price list or if you can give me a call we can talk. my number is
    [redacted] my name is arhur

    1. Louise,

      No. Not at all. You would want to (if bankruptcy is your option) file for bankruptcy first. Then, thereafter, you would want to add tradelines to help re-establish your credit. Adding tradelines before a bankruptcy would be a waste of money and serve no purpose, whatsoever.

      I hope that helps.



  2. Hi , I was wondering how I could get a trade line put on my credit card. Please email me when you get this. Thank you….

  3. I have deragatory credit 2 repossessions because of my husband and late payments. I need to raise my credit score to get a mortgage and purchase a car. I have been renting a car for 400 a week since August.

    Please help

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