Get Involved!

Rescue: Freedom International.

Something heavy was placed on our hearts this year as through one of our local businesses we learned about the horrifying expediential growing number of victims of Human trafficking!

The reality is that there are about 4.5 million people who are sexually enslaved, right now! Every day, women and children endure sexual, physical and emotional abuse without an end in sight.

rescue freedom statistics

It doesn’t just happen in other countries or somewhere far away. It happens right here… near us – in our towns, cities, states…

So we decided TO GET INVOLVED so we too CAN help to change it!

This year I have joined the Freedom Fighter’s team who are partnering with Rescue: Freedom International to bring the light to those in darkness.


Because they work within local communities and 100% of funds donated go to setting people free! Their model is focused on rescuing and restoring victims, preventing slavery from hurting more people and creating conversations that lead to lasting change.

So how do we do it?

By doing what we love to fight what we hate!

fight hate with loveWe are coming together to train and journey across 24 miles of the Cascade Mountains in ONE DAY! EVERY STEP IS FOR FREEDOM!

Our goal is to raise awareness, share what we learn and give!

Join us in making a difference!

Even by sharing what you learn, you give other people the opportunity to do something about the problem!

This year I am using my freedom for the freedom of others!

Would you consider joining me by making a tax-deductible donation to Rescue: Freedom international to help rescue those in slavery?

Thank you for getting involved!

Kate Sigman