If you have maintained a positive credit history with your major credit cards, you stand to financially benefit from our Vendor Program. You’ve worked for years building your credit history, yet you are paying interest on your cards. Your credit card’s so-called “rewards” are pennies compared to the commissions you can receive from us!

Depending on the amount of cards you intend to use, and the age of the accounts, you can easily earn over $1,000.00 a month with only a modest amount of actual work.


There are individuals who are willing to pay a fee to have the positive payment history associated with your credit card appear on their credit report.

These individuals have no spending ability of any kind on your card. In fact, they won’t even know who you are.These individuals have an interest in the affect your credit card’s payment history has on their credit report and depending on the specific card and the current state of their credit report, it can boost their score anywhere from 20 to 100 points.

1) Our clients need higher credit scores. We evaluate their situation, vet them for you (including background and anti-fraud review). We have you add them as an authorized user.

2) Your cards help boost their scores. We monitor their credit reports and make sure everything goes as planned. We notify you when to remove the client as an authorized user.

3) Once we confirm the tradeline has reported as agreed, we disburse funds from the trust account into your account.

You can repeat this process many times per card per month. The amount of cards you choose to use is entirely up to you and there is no maximum amount; if you had 100 cards, we would allow you to use them all.

Current vendor program enrollment requirements:

  • No late payments
  • Balances must remain below 20% (preferably around 10%). You can (and should) charge your credit card on a monthly basis. Regardless of charges, the balance must be paid down each month to comply with our debt to credit ratio requirements.
  • Use your credit card regularly (even if it is for small purchases).
  • Minimum age to enroll starts at 5 years of history (credit cards opened in or before 2012) with some exceptions if the line has a limit of $20000 or more
  • Minimum credit line limit starts at $12000 (with some exceptions if the line has a significant amount of age)
  • Most major banks qualify as well as some store cards (only that are backed by major banks excluding Bank of America, USAA, American Express and CITI Costco)

If you meet the critera above and are willing to make money for doing next to nothing each month, then we would love to talk to you and get you started. You can contact us anytime to discuss the process and we would be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the authorized user process.

Making money off your credit cards is easy, but there is a risk associated with it. 

The only known risk to our cardholders is the slight chance that the credit card company will do one of two things:

  1. Close the cardholder’s revolving account, or
  2. Leave it open, but no longer allow the cardholder to add any more authorized users to their account.

* Our risk assessment is based on our business model. Other risks may (and likely do) exist with other companies.

More on risks:

Some banks may have a distaste for this practice. That is, card holders earning money from their hard earned credit. Out of the hundreds of cardholders in our system today, we have only seen a card get shut down occur a couple of times. In addition, this was early on during research. We are constantly keeping up with the industry. We will coach you and make suggestions on how to handle your cards to minimize potential closures.

If you are worried about having your credit card closed, we suggest that you apply for a new credit card (or a few credit cards) when you sign up for our program. In case a closure occurs, you will still have a credit card (or credit cards) to use if needed. Likewise, you may end up using these new cards to make money.

The risks associated with this practice are no more and no less than the current risks associated with your current situation; that is, this practice adds no additional risk to you. However, any reasonably skeptical person would assume the authorized user will attempt or succeed in securing advances on your card.

First, the authorized user is just that, an authorized user. However, given the fact that the authorized user never receives a card, authorization is meaningless in terms of securing advances on your card. The user will never see the card, the card number, the security number, etc. All they see is the name of the bank, the balance, limit and age of the tradeline appearing on their credit report.

If you have any other concerns, contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss them with you.


  • Fill out out the qualification form.
  • If you would like to schedule some time to discuss the program via phone appointment, please feel free to email to set up a date and time that work for you so we can schedule a phone appointment to discuss.

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About Us:

We are Superior Tradelines, LLC. We have been in (and have revolutionized) the tradeline industry since 2010. We focus on fostering our relationships with the consumer (people buying tradelines) and vendors and card holders (like you) and making the relationship between all smooth, profitable through advanced technology to stay organized and efficient.

In addition, we have paved the way by setting the standards in this industry. Although it’s annoying when people copy process, we are proud to be copied and take further pride that we have positively influenced and industry ripe for abuse. For example, we have identified frauds (like CPNs) and put in place verification software and tools to identify and avoid them so that you and your cards are not jeopardized by improper clients. Our staff is trained to sniff out problem clients so that you don’t suffer the consequences.

Our customer service is unmatched and it applies to our relationship with cardholders, like you. We consider you a major part of this process and express our appreciation for you as a valued member of our team.

We look forward to working with you in a beneficial, positive and profitable working relationship.