Your income relies on your client’s credit score.

The script of the real estate video, above:

If you’re a real estate agent, you’re probably like me… Every time I hear some pitch about doubling my sales I go click and hit the X. Well, please don’t click the X… I am not going to tell you how to double your sales. Instead, I am going to tell you how to stop losing half of your sales.
After talking to real estate agents like you, we found that they gave up on 60% of their leads because of insufficient credit scores. That’s an alarming and unnecessary loss of sales. Why? Because bad credit is temporary! These “bad leads” will be good leads in the future, but as soon as you let them go, they’re going to make new contacts, receive help from others and get pushed into the hands of a new agent.

We’ve been helping our clients improve credit scores for years and we’ve added a program to help YOUR clients improve their credit scores. More importantly, your information is displayed on our site… in your client’s eyes… every day from start to finish. The benefit is obvious… after we’re finished, your lead is returned to you thankful and ready to buy…
If you’re ready to salvage deals you would ordinarily lose, sign up for our referral program today by visiting or call us at 800-431-4741 We look forward to working with you, for you and for your clients. Thank you!

Real Estate and Tradelines Faqs

Because of the niche fields of tradelines and real estate, the questions and answers are fairly common and narrow. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions by real estate agents and answers from Superior Tradelines.

What's the difference between tradelines and credit repair?

In a nutshell:

  • Credit Repair = endlessly dispute negative items to decrease the negative impact from them.
  • Tradelines = quickly add positive credit accounts to boost credit scores.

…even more concise:

  • Credit Repair = remove negative accounts.
  • Tradelines = add positive accounts.

Credit repair may or may not help you close more deals, even if the credit repair was successful (in removing the negative items), because removing negative items decreases the negative impact of those items (it doesn’t make things “good,” it decreases the “bad.”)

Tradelines, on the other hand, has a drastic impact on credit scores, because you are – in fact – adding positive accounts to your client’s credit reports.

How is this even possible?

Well, essentially all credit scores are the result of adding credit accounts to credit reports. You can increase your credit scores by:

  • Applying for credit;
  • You can because of a joint account holder with another person, or;
  • you can become an authorized user on another person’s account.

We specialize in authorized user accounts.

When people are added as authorized users to existing revolving accounts (like credit cards) in good standing, the authorized user “inherits” the positive characteristics associated with that account.

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