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Superior Tradelines, LLC started from the position you’re currently in: harmed by an imperfect credit system. From day one until today, our goal has been never to lose sight of why we started this company and why we continue to offer the same services to this day. So, here’s the story… starting in Baghdad, Iraq:

  • 2006 to 2007

    The future founder of Superior Tradelines, LLC served in Baghdad, Iraq only on the belief that his finances were taken care of before he left.

  • 2008

    The future founder of Superior Tradelines, LLC returns home to multiple collection accounts, which include unpaid parking tickets for violations that "occurred" while he was out of the Country.

  • 2009

    In discovering the imperfections of the credit reporting system, solutions were sought and achieved. The future founder worked with financial professionals exploring and perfecting various credit repair techniques, such as authorized user tradelines.

  • 2010

    Superior Tradelines, LLC was born and legally formed. The company entered the market aggressively to bring solutions to those in need.

  • 2011

    Superior Tradelines, LLC expands to include sales staff, marketing professionals, etc. The company builds relationships with affiliated service providers.

  • 2012-2016

    Superior Tradelines, LLC doubled its growth every year from 2012 to 2016.


    Superior Tradelines, LLC remains the leader in the industry


    You can start the path to a better credit future by contacting us below:




We know what to do, and do it.

We’ve run across every type of company out there.

  • We’ve seen everything from “that guy who wants to do this new and cool tradeline thing” to “I have 20 years of experience in 2000 different areas”.
  • Here at Superior Tradelines, all we do is tradelines, every day. We don’t spread our selves thin with other tasks or adventures.
  • We have over 30 years of experience on staff… that’s 30 years of experience, specific to tradelines.


Your funds are protected with us.

Our ethical, state and federal laws are on our side.

  • When you give your money to a tradeline company, 99% of the time, there is no guarantee that you will ever see your money again.
  • That’s not the case with us. When you order a tradeline from Superior Tradelines, your money is placed in a trust account.
  • In addition, your money is protected by a $10,000.00 surety bond.


Your information is secured.

We take security seriously. We have invested in Superior Tradelines for your benefit.

  • We have made secure member areas in which you can upload credit reports, place orders and view the status of your order in real time, among other things.
  • Your member area is secured with Secure Socket Layered encryption on a partitioned sub-domain… that’s tech talk for… “it’s secure”.
  • Once you sign up as a client, you are given credentials for your individualized member area.


You’re more than a transaction.

It is important to recognize the complexity of piggybacking credit tradelines.

  • You could easily ask “Mom” or “Dad” to place you on one of their cards, but you may not get your desired result.
  • In fact, it is possible to hurt your credit if the tradeline isn’t selected correctly. Let us help you decide, even if you do not purchase a tradeline from us!


We’re connected.

We’re connected and for good reason.

  • Due to our reliability and dedication to our clients, we’ve developed a large network of credit related affiliate relationships.
  • These relationships range from credit repair companies to attorneys and real estate agents, among others.
  • We are solely tradeline providers and don’t spread ourselves thin with anything else, however, if you present us with an issue outside our specialty, we have skilled, ethical partners that will help you resolve it.


Transparent communication.

At Superior Tradelines, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • Raj: 407-796-1076 raj@superiortradelines.com
  • Mike: 407-476-1357 mike@superiortradelines.com
  • Alicia: 321-270-9073 alicia@superiortradelines.com
  • Greg: 321-222-9380 greg@superiortradelines.com
  • Kate: 321-328-0908 kate@superiortradelines.com
  • Matias: 321-804-1114 matias@superiortradelines.com


We’re always learning.

While we are tradeline experts, with over 14 years of combined experience, we have witnessed this industry change on a monthly basis from the time we started nearly 4 years ago.

  • The fly-by-nights, the incompetent and the scammers simply can’t keep up.
  • This is a good thing for good consumers like you and a good thing for a business like us.
  • Allow our knowledge and experience get to work for you.


Strategic Tradeline Selection..

We match our solutions with your goals.

  • Once we receive your credit report, our financial experts will analyze your report and recommend services to achieve your credit goals.
  • This step does not take long and is completed when a list of available services is presented and you have made a selection.


What you get with us.

You could search for 10 different companies that sell tradelines and find 10 different prices for the same line.

  • Usually, however, they are all within the same range; plus or minus $100.00.
  • Since prices are near all the same, the question of price becomes “what am I getting for this fee?”
  • That’s where Superior Tradelines leads the pack.
  • We evaluate your goals, analyze your credit report, make recommendations, assist with credit repair related needs… all free of charge. The only thing you pay for, with us, is the tradeline transaction.


Promises in writing.

You get a detailed contract outlining our services.

  • Despite the fact that it is illegal to conduct any type of credit repair (including adding tradelines), without first providing an agreement for the services, many companies do. Not here!
  • We provide you with an agreement which sets forth the services we agree and promise to perform.
  • Do not buy tradelines without a signed agreement by the provider.

How a bond protects you!

Florida law takes credit repair payments a step further than the federal Credit Repair Organizations act. Florida law provides:

817.7005 Prohibited acts.—A credit service organization, its salespersons, agents, and representatives, and independent contractors who sell or attempt to sell the services of a credit service organization shall not do any of the following:
(1) Charge or receive any money or other valuable consideration prior to full and complete performance of the services the credit service organization has agreed to perform for the buyer, unless the credit service organization has obtained a surety bond of $10,000 issued by a surety company admitted to do business in this state and has established a trust account at a federally insured bank or savings and loan association located in this state; however, where a credit service organization has obtained a surety bond and established a trust account as provided herein, the credit service organization may charge or receive money or other valuable consideration prior to full and complete performance of the services it has agreed to perform for the buyer but shall deposit all money or other valuable consideration received in its trust account until the full and complete performance of the services it has agreed to perform for the buyer…

In addition to the bond below, you’ll notice that you don’t actually make payments to Superior Tradelines, LLC, but a trust account pursuant to the statute cited above.

Here’s what it’s like to work with Superior Tradelines:

It starts with you; contact us!

You have to contact us before we can help you.

No matter how efficient and effective we are, we cannot help you unless you contact us.

Before you continue this tour of our service, you might as well reach out to us right now.

I accept all terms.

First, we analyze your credit report.

If you don’t know your current position, you’ll never reach your destination, right?

Whether you’re applying for a mortgage, auto loan, business loan, etc., we must know the strengths and weaknesses of your current credit posture (that is… we need to know what’s in your credit report).

We provide a complimentary credit report analysis (yes… free of charge) so help you better understand our services and whether or not our services are a viable option for you.

Sometimes, our services are not appropriate for certain individuals and we recommend alternative courses of action, such as credit repair. In doing so, we lose you as a client… so, you should highly consider this, because we’re telling you the truth when this happens. In other words, if we deny you service and someone else sells your tradelines, you should second guess the second service provider.

Because it’s the first step, you’ll receive an email from us explaining how to get your report, if you don’t already have one. Here’s an example of the email, which is a good resource for finding credit reports for free.

Example Email Regarding Credit Reports and Analysis

Assuming you’re in a position to benefit from tradelines, we will move on to tradeline recommendations.

Second, we make a recommendation.

We will tell you our honest opinion and make a recommendation.

At the end of the day, if you’re not happy, we’re going to hear about it, right? So, our goal and your goal are aligned. When we make a recommendation, we’re not trying to close a sale, we’re trying to help you achieve your goals. In fact, our recommendation may not be good news, at all.

No matter what, you are going to fall into one of these categories:

  • You are in a prime position to benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file
  • You are likely to benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file
  • It is possible to benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file
  • It is unlikely that you will benefit from the addition of tradelines to your file.

Once we determinate your position, we will make a recommendation as to how you should move forward. Here’s an example of a tradeline recommendation:

Example of a tradelines recommendation

Finally, we proactively monitor your success.

Your purchase is the start of our relationship, not the end.

While some companies end their relationship with you at the cash register, we stick with our clients to the end of our services. We have automation tracking for the tradeline reporting dates and we proactively follow up with you to make sure you are on track.

Even if we recommended credit repair – or some other service – we may follow up with you just to see how you’re doing.

Results oriented is our process; your success is our success.

Tiffany S.
Delray Beach, FL
It was refreshing to work with Superior. They’re super knowledgeable and guided me in the right direction, credit wise. Very straight forward and helpful. Thanks!
Frank W.
Credit Correction, LLC
My name is Frank Williams. I own a credit repair company. Superior Tradelines is one of the best, i mean absolute best companies I have ever worked with in the past 20 years. Their professionalism, integrity and commitment to excellence is truly refreshing. I feel fortunate to work with them. An example of Superior Tradelines integrity is how they turn away potential clients that need credit repair and are not ready for tradelines. Most other companies would take their money and do little or nothing.
Steven S.
Ellenton, FL
I’ve researched all the “tradeline” companies out there, Superior Tradelines was the only company that I could find that was licensed and bonded and had great reviews. In today’s internet world where anyone can take your money and run and there’s very little you can do about it. I took the plunge, Raj went over my credit reports and told me what kind of tradelines I needed to reach my goals (qualify for a VA mortgage). I purchased the two tradelines he recommended and my scores went up to where I needed them just like he said they would on all three bureaus (590 to over 640 enough for the VA). I was completely convinced. I called Raj back and asked what would it take to increase my score even higher so I could refinance the new Toyota truck I bought 6 months earlier (dealer 21.9% “Ally financial”) was $556.00 for 72 months. Raj again went over my credit reports, he made the recommendations for the scores I needed. With my new scores I went to the credit union I had joined a few months earlier. Now 3.2% @ $576.00 for 48 months. My only regret, that I didn’t get all the tradelines in beginning. Raj I can’t thank you enough. The cost of buying the (my) new trade lines paid for it self, I got my VA mortgage, and I’m paying off my truck 3 yrs. sooner.
I made money!! Thank you Steve
Andre W.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Orange Financial, LLC
The new look is amazing. So much easier to go through.
Krissy S.
Thomasville, NC
When you have a company that can potentially take thousands of dollars from you and walk away; but instead choose to be honest, ethical, and upfront…they are legit!! Tom took the time to discuss me and my mothers credit report and advised we should take care of a few things on our reports prior to adding the tradelines. I wouldn’t do business with any other company that offers tradelines! This company is awesome! Can’t wait to get started! Thanks again Tom!
I have been working with Superior Tradelines since 2012. Glad to be partnered with an expanding company!
Michael P.
Toledo, OH
After a bad experience elsewhere, Superior restored my faith in this industry. In fact, I won’t recommend any else.
Veronica G.
Madison, WI
Fast, reliable and effective; definitely exceeded my expectations from a customer service perspective and certain from a results perspective. I could have ended my testimonial there. The only thing left: Thank you, Superior!
Larry M.
Miller & Assoc.
Tom Medlin was an excellent person to work. He really assisted me and walked me through the process of becoming an affiliate. I appreciate working with prople who know what they are doing and do a superior job. I would highly recommend him for a managers position.
Mikel Jose
Founder - TP Insurace
All in all this training was AMAZING!!! The presenters were amazing. They were engaging, timely, and knowledgeable. I will recommend this course to all sales professionals.
Andrew B.
Jersey City, NJ
I knew right off the bat that this was a serious company. They lived up to my initial expectation and exceeded it. They have a really smooth process and the staff treated me right. I have recommended Superior to friends, family and clients.
Andrew B.
Jersey City, NJ
I knew right off the bat that this was a serious company. They lived up to my initial expectation and exceeded it. They have a really smooth process and the staff treated me right. I have recommended Superior to friends, family and clients.
Elizabeth T.
Atlanta, GA
Raj was assigned so handle my consultation. He was kind and patient he didn’t rush me and he answered all of my questions unfortunately we realized that at the moment I trade line is not what i need as I am waiting for my bankruptcy to be discharged. But Raj continue to speak with me and told me exactly what it is that I would need to do and now there is a 12 month plan in motion there’s no doubt in my mind that superior tradelines will be able to assist me in the future as far as customer service goes it was well beyond my expectations real people real professional extremely friendly. Again I did not leave with a trade line but our conversation ended with an excellent plan for my future and I look forward to purchasing when the time is right. Thank you Raj for sharing your experience and knowledge I will be in touch soon
Montay R.
Shannon Hills, AR
I highly recommend superior trade lines to any one that wants to improve there score, credit or all of the above. I use this company and got perfect results, i also want to thank Tom for his excellent customer service..
Alfred M.
Las Vegas, NV
Superiortradelines is great. They added three tradelines to my credit. It took less than a month. Great customer service!
Ahmad J.
US Probate Services, LLC
I was very skeptical at first because I have heard horror stories about these type of services… After doing my homework I came to the conclusion Superior Tradelines was my best option… and I wasn’t disappointed! My customer service representative Raj Sahoo was very informative and assisted me in every aspect… from advising me what line was best for my particular need to always being available to answer any questions or concerns. The bottom line and final result exceeded my exportation’s! Thank you Raj and Superior Tradelines.
Michael M.
Atlanta, GA
Exceeded my expectations.They delivered what they promised in the time frame they promised. Friendly staff, answered my questions promptly. I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend them to friends and family.
Carmella P.
Miami, FL
I researched a companies like this for months! Superior is the REAL DEAL!! At first I was a bit skeptical but after working with Raj and the team all my bad nerves were at ease. My lines posted with no problems. I was never lied to about anything. Truly an honest company. To anybody looking to purchase tradelines, I can guarantee you and bet my bottom dollar you won’t find anyone out there like these guys! Thanks ST
Carlya L.
Dallas, TX
Raj, Thank you. My score went up over 60 points and that seems higher than I thought for just one line. I will follow up with you after I speak to my lender and we will determine if i need to add 1 more line. Great Work! Thanks, Carlya
Retha N.
Hey Kate, I wanted to let you know I close on my house Monday. wooooo hooooo! thanks for all your help!
Joshua T.
Rome, New York
Superior Tradelines was no nonsense from start to finish. I thought they were just really good sales people, but throughout out the process, I learned that they simply tell the truth and help their clients. My advice is listen to them. Call them, now… you won’t be disappointed.
Tommaine D.
Chicago, IL
My name is Tomaine Davis and I bear witness to the authenticity of superior trade lines. I have known of superior tradelines for quite some time. Working with Raj Sahoo have really helped me financially and I have been educated about maintaining and building my personal credit. I recommend anyone who is willing to take advantage of working with superior tradeline to better your financial situation. This testimony can be used by superior tradelines with my full name as well. Thanks for everything Raj Sahoo.
Valjdete J.
San Jose, CA
I bought 3 tradelines and increased my credit score 117 points in one month, I got approved for $60,000 thanks Raj.
Marjorie M.
Glendale, AZ
Thank you so much for the great training! For the first time ever I wasn’t nervous going to a customer meeting—I had my plan and knew exactly what I was going to do.
Santa Rosa, California
Recently I hired a credit repair service that cleaned up my credit report and left me with a nice clean file and I wasn’t sure how to proceed with building my score and credit standing.

I had no idea what tradlines were and how I could use them to quickly improve my score and credit standing. While researching how to use tradelines, I stumbled across Superior Tradlines and with the purchase of just one tradeline, I now have a handful of credit cards that I am strategically using to strengthen my credit score and history.

I can now rent cars, properties and am getting closer to being able to purchase some real estate of my own. All things that weren’t possible for me just a couple of months ago.

I am also feeling much more confident to acquire funding if needed as I am growing my existing business.

I have primarily worked with Mike at Superior Tradelines and he along with the couple of others that I have spoken with, have all been very professional, informative and really great to work with.

I have gotten so much more than expected out of working with Superior Tradelines and I really want to thank you guys for getting me back on track with my credit standing.

Ben A.
Charlotte, NC
I’m so happy that I went with superior trade lines it was a life changing for me with out it I would not be able to get 90 K in Credit and best part low interest rates my credit was 650 once trade lines from Superior Trade Lines posted my Credit score went to 790 in all three Equifax Transunion and Experian .Thank you so much ?????
Houston N.
Beaumont, CA
Good Morning! Just wanted to give you a quick update on our phenomenal success. So far we’ve received, or have been approved for $79,000.00 in personal lines of credit! Our goal is $100k, so we are almost there!! After we hit our goal on the personal side of the credit profile, we are then going to turn our attention to the business side, with a goal of $150K. Again I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done! And YES, you can use me as a testimonial on your website if you need to.
Shelby V.
Las Vegas, NV
Great source. Fast and appeared on date stated.
Olakunle D.
San Leandro, CA
For the first time in my life, not only is my questions answered but also problem was solved and the great people at superior tradeline, especially Raj was so professional and did everything in his power to ensure I achieved the result needed to start my new business.
I don’t want to go into too much details.
Thanks you so much Raj for your professionalism and helping me to attain my goal.
I look forward to recommending my friends to you in the near future.
I tried 2 other companies prior to finding you guys and the difference is day and night.
Thanks again Raj, more blessings.
Michael S.
Westlake Village, CA
I must say my credit scores were in the low 600’s before I contacted Superior Trade Lines. I was a skeptic and so was my accountant. But Raj assured me all was good and was patient in letting me see that all was above board and would work. Today I can say I was approved for several credit cards with limits above 5000.00. My scores jumped to high 600 to high 700’s in less than thirty days. I’m impressed and will spread the word.Thanks Raj for all your help.
Quentin A.
Charleston, SC
I had my doubts as most. However when that tradeline hit when it was supposed I was still a little doubtful. However after a score increase to the 700’s and I applied and received several credit cards and 2 personal loans. I am hooked. I recommend this to anyone who wants a jump start or boost in life. The customer service of superior tradlines is among the best. Tom, your great man thanks for everything.
Raul B.
Miami, Kendall, & West Palm Beaches - Credit Score Restore, LLC
Since we’ve been using Superior Tradelines as our preferred Authorized Tradeline company, our clients have been able to establish credit faster and securely through their amazing database of active reporting tradelines. Their customer service is impeccable and professional. Our clients first have their credit repaired by us by removing their negative/erroneous items and then we upgrade them using Superior Tradelines benefiting them to higher credit scores. We recommend Superior Tradelines. The proof is in the credit scores!
Victoria R.
Annapolis, MD
After much confusion I selected Superior Tradelines to assist me with boosting my credit score. HOW WAS MY EXPERIENCE AWESOME! AWESOME! Awesome! From start to finish Tom was beside me guiding me each step. At the end credit that started at 522 became 780. I t was like being given a new lease on life. I immediately was preapproved for a home, I was accepted or each credit card I’d applied. I ended up deciding not to purchase a home at this time but decide to lease a car needless to say I was approved with nothing down and their best rates. I also was approved for my dream condo (rental). It’s a Chesapeake Bay front condo, prime location. This have changed my life, changed my life.

Thanks so much Superior Tradelines, and TOM you’re my super hero, could not have done it without you.


Jersey City, NJ
I knew right off the bat that this was a serious company. They lived up to my initial expectation and exceeded it. They have a really smooth process and the staff treated me right. I have recommended Superior to friends, family and clients.
Jersey City, NJ
I knew right off the bat that this was a serious company. They lived up to my initial expectation and exceeded it. They have a really smooth process and the staff treated me right. I have recommended Superior to friends, family and clients.
John H.
Independence, Ohio
Raj and the team at Superior Tradelines are the best in the US at what they do and definitely go the extra mile for customer satisfaction! Raj picks his phone up even after business hours to make sure you have no concerns or worries. I would recommend anyone to this company for sure! If your looking for top quality service stop here and place your order now you can’t go wrong! Thanks agin Raj and the whole superior family!
Montay R.
Shannon Hills, AR
I highly recommend superior trade lines to any one that wants to improve there score, credit or all of the above. I use this company and got perfect results, i also want to thank Tom for his excellent customer service..