Affiliate Reseller and Broker Program at Superior Tradelines, LLC

This page in a sentence: If your product or service relies on a client’s credit worthiness, a partnership with Superior Tradelines is necessary. Learn how we can help, below.

We strive to maintain positive relationships with all of our partners. And, our affiliate program is no exception. Our affiliate program is designed for companies; a business to business relationship. If you’re in a industry where your success is dependent on client creditworthiness, we’re here for you!

Learn about our affiliate program:

First things, first; pricing.

We offer affiliates a flat rate which ranges depending on volume. This means, out of the 200+ tradelines available, you will never pay more than the flat rate agreed. If it is a $5,000.00 tradeline with 2 years of history, it costs you the flat rate agreed. If it is a $47,000.00 tradeline with 15 years of history, it costs you the flat rate agreed. Not only is this a drastic savings compared to retail prices, but this pricing model leaves you the flexibility to up-charge your clients and make a profit with what amounts to a few minutes of work for you.

We’re here to help.

It is important to select an appropriate tradeline for your client so that they receive the maximum impact to their credit scores. Thorough analysis and appropriate tradeline selection is a must. We assist you with and train you on the tradeline selection process and client credit report analysis.

It’s a two-way street.

As stated on our website, “We sell and specialize in seasoned tradelines and authorized user tradelines. We do not spread ourselves thin.” This means, we do not conduct credit repair of any kind. 40% of the potential clients that contact us for tradelines are not qualified due to the amount of derogatory items in their credit report. We have connections with fantastic credit repair companies that we can direct you to for these clients.

Trust Accounts protect everyone.

While our services our pending, your funds are maintained in a trust account regulated by 817.7005, Florida Statutes and protected by our $10,000.00 surety bond. To our knowledge, no other company in the entire Country offers this kind of protection of client funds.

Our reliability is unmatched.

With over 60 affiliate relationships established and thousands of clients served, this is a true testament to our dedication to excellence.

This is a result of our ability to deliver on our promises and resolve any issues that come along promptly and professionally.

Qualification is relatively simple.

All clients must have a social security number, and must not have any other number linked to their name. This includes an additional social security number, CPN, or any number aside from their social security number reporting to the three major credit bureaus. Clients must be clear of security freezes, fraud alerts, etc., prior to adding tradelines to their file. Otherwise, you void the provision of our refund policy.

In order to get started, please fill out the qualification form to your right!

We’ve developed our affiliate program to function as an extension of the service you already provide to your clients. This means, we essentially service as a supplier for your tradeline needs, and your clients do not even know we exist. When your client needs a tradeline, you simply order it from us and we add the client to the tradeline purchased.