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06 Sep 2014

Positioning yourself for business funding success


We would all like to believe that obtaining business funding is much like obtaining a mortgage or car loan.  Unfortunately, however, is not the case that you can walk into a bank and secure business funding for your startup company or the expansion of a pre-existing company.  We have written about this topic in detail and we concluded that an unsecured business line of credit is preferable to a conventional business loan.

It’s more more than applying for credit cards

We talk about an unsecured business line of credit people immediately recognize that it is very similar to obtaining credit cards for your business.  While this is technically true, it’s a bit more complicated than clicking the apply now button on the website for capital one bank. In the first place, do you know which banks are offering unsecured business lines of credit?  If you do, do you know which ones have the propensity to offer substantial limits and favorable repayment terms (such as a $30,000 line or 0% interest for up to 18 months)?  Lastly, do you know how to apply for these lines of credit without hurting your overall credit report or credit score and without negatively impacting your chance of obtaining lines of credit from other banks and lending institutions?

Resources to make it simple.

Inasmuch as we don’t know your business, you may not know ours.  Inasmuch as you have developed skills over the years concerning your trade, so have we concerning ours.  Specifically, while you work on your business and your operating tasks on a day-to-day basis, you simply do not have the time energy or effort to investigate the different options available to you and how to utilize them most efficiently and effectively.  That’s where we come in.  Over the years we’ve established relationships with multiple sources of funding.  We’ve done the investigation for you.  We know who gets the job done and who does not.  That’s what we are offering you: a chance to work with a sufficiently skilled and trained staff dedicated to helping you obtain the funding you need.

Zero fees until you’re funded.

Not only have we made this process simple, such as our efficient application process, etc., we have also reduced the burden on you and have forced our funding sources to offer you zero application costs.  In fact, the company we recommend for funding is a “pay-for-performance” company.  This means that you do not pay a single dime until the company has conducted their underwriting procedures, has analyzed your credit, has made recommendations to you to increase your likelihood of obtaining unsecured business lines of credit… and most of all, they do not get paid until you have received the line of credit for which you have applied.

How to get started.

There are many options to get started with us and they are designed for ease-of-use. We make ourselves available to you on your schedule, not ours.  If you’d like to get started with business funding in the form of an unsecured business line of credit, please reach out to us so that we can get started.  We look forward to hearing from you and we look forward to seeing you and your business succeed.


5 thoughts on “Positioning yourself for business funding success”


    1. Tradelines only report to individual credit reports on Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Credit, which reports to EINs, report to business credit reports. So, the answer is “unfortunately not.”

  2. I need true professional help NOW regarding my business funding needs and desires. I have been at this place of trying to clean up, rebuild and add on to my personal credit portfolio for 3 years now with hopes of then being able to start building my business credit profile correctly. My experience in trying to get this done from the last three years to present has been a horrific nightmare to say the least. I have gone through 3 people representing companies that are set up to look legit as well as 3 people that were referred to me by a millionaire friend of a friend that I know. Each one of these people charged me thousands of dollars, wasted precious time, made promises and did only a few things, blocked my number and just simply became ghost! I have learned a lot needless to say about myself and about deceitful people in this world. I desire to deal only with people that offer their services based upon solid integrity, honesty, loyalty, high business ethics, standards and top tiered effectiveness. If this is you, I desire to speak with you. I want someone that can get what I need done quickly and solid.

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