20 Jan 2017

Math. Yup, that’s the answer. So, this authorized user tradeline concept isn’t a “chance” process. The “proof” that tradelines work is the fact that tradelines exist (explained below). The only question is how much your scores will increase. This is not a scenario in which a human being is making a risk decision or calculation. This is not a scenario in which other considerations (like income, etc.) are considered. This is how it works: Information flows into the credit bureaus. Credit bureau data flows through scoring models (like FICO). The outcome is your score. So, when we add tradelines to your credit report, the information flows into the credit bureau(s), through the scoring models and your score is positively affected. In fact, the federal government (well, kind of… it was the federal reserve board, which isn’t actually “federal” at all) conducted a study and concluded: If you want to get wonky, you can check out their graph, which breaks down score changes by all types of groups (age, sex, race, etc.). However, please note that they used a Federal Reserve Board simulated score, so the score changes will be difference than with FICO scores (which lenders use). Here’s the graph: Okay, so we know that it technically works. So, how could people say it does not work? How could this go wrong? Perhaps the company you hired didn’t do what they said they were going to do (which is why you should hire a legitimate company like us). We’re working on a page that shows before and after reports with both online and official lender credit reports and scores so that consumers can see results. However, as you can imagine, people are quite concerned with allowing us to publish their reports (even though they are heavily redacted).  

17 Jan 2017

Whether tradelines reports to all three bureaus is a question within a question. Meaning, you could be asking what we guarantee as a service provider of authorized user tradelines for sale. Or, you could be asking because your credit goals depend on the tradeline reporting to a particular Bureau. I will address both. First, if anyone guarantees that they can report all three bureaus, they are lying. In fact, we don’t even guarantee that the report at all. No one has control over this but the banks or the bureaus. What do we guarantee? We guarantee that we will refund your money or offer replacement line if the tradelines do not report to at least two out of three bureaus. Quite often, the trade lines report all three bureaus. In fact, this is part of the testing we go through before we enter a trade line into our inventory. In other words, it is supposed to report all three bureaus. The short answer is that the tradelines should report to all three bureaus, sometimes they report two out of three bureaus. In either of those cases, our services are deemed complete. In other scenarios, the tradeline(s) may only report to one credit bureau or may not report at all. In that case, we will issue a refund or replacement line at no additional cost. As far as goals are concerned, and whether the trade lines will report to a particular credit bureau, you should not enter into the tradeline arrangement with this contingency. Absolutely no one in the world can control whether the banks and bureaus will do the right thing. In addition, there are things that you could do yourself cause misreporting. If I overlooked the intention of your question feel free to make comments below and we can drill down into further detail. Thank you!

11 May 2014

Tradeline costs vs. credit goals. How much do tradelines cost? I feel like I answer this question quite often, but I’m happy to do it. How much tradelines cost depends on many things. So, it’s kind of like asking how much does a car cost. Before we even ask that question, we ask what kind of car you need, right? You should look at tradelines as in item you need and then try to find the best price (not the other way around). It doesn’t matter if you get a good deal on a product you don’t need. So how much do tradelines cost is not the most relevant question in terms of priority. Once you determine the trade lines you need for your particular goal, then you should determine how much the tradelines cost. For example, if you need three tradelines, that package is going to cost more than one trade line. If you need a significantly age trade line, it’s going to cost more than a younger age trade line. If you need a significantly large limit trade line, is going to cost more than a smaller limit trade line. Here’s an example of tradelines costs and pricing: Tradelines pricing is irrelevant? While the foregoing is true, the difference is not that relevant when you look at the larger funding effort. For example, if you’re getting a $300,000 mortgage, what do you care if the price of trade lines differs $500 or more. The amount you’ll save on a 30 year mortgage makes the cost of trade lines almost entirely insignificant. While clients typically ask how much the trade lines cost, the answer is simple, but all we ask is that you focus on your goals first. You might find differences in price from company to company, but you should always go with the company at puts your goals first. Tradeline Deals? See the first paragraph above, first. But… in the spirit of the question, I will tell you that there are sometimes deals based on market factors (influx of inventory, etc.). For example, we run specials when appropriate:   Free tradelines? For fun promotions, we’ve given away tradelines in the past. We did a tradeline competition where people would share the page and the person with the most shares one. You should definitely follow us on Facebook, […]

07 May 2014

Business tradelines don’t exist in the same way as authorized user trade lines for individual credit files. In the first place, there’s no such thing as an authorized user with respect to business credit reports. In addition, there’s no such thing as authorized user accounts with respect to business credit scores. So, I just wanted to get that out right away so as to not mislead or misguide anyone to believing that the concept of authorized user trade lines applies to business credit and funding efforts. As we’ve mentioned in many different posts and answers, there’s really no such thing as a business loan anyway (unless you have millions of dollars in cash flow). Business loan underwriting is heavily concerned with the operating strength of the entity, not an arbitrary number supposedly representing the entity’s credit worthiness. If you’re looking for funding, stop looking for business tradelines. On the other hand, if you’re looking to borrow money for your business which is based on your personal credit (usually referred to as a personal guarantee), then, perhaps tradelines might work for you. Business trade lines might not exist, but adding trade lines to an individual credit file can increase that person’s ability to secure loans and to do so with more favorable terms and rates. In the case of a business guarantee, this applies. Business tradelines exist in the indirect way previously discussed. They do not exist as you might think. So, do not be misled by someone selling business tradelines.  

01 May 2014

If you need to boost your credit score fast with tradelines, that’s a possibility. However, this is not a product which applies in all circumstances. For example, if you have actively reporting collection accounts, the trade lines are to help you. If you have this significantly more negative items than positive, the trade lines are to help they might not over, the deficiency you face in terms of credit. Or other examples include situations in which your credit score and qualify you for a loan, but some particular account or issue in your credit report would cause an automatic denial during underwriting. So, if you need to boost your credit score fast with tradelines, you need to consider the totality of the circumstances of your credit file. This can be done by a free credit report analysis by one of our trained experts. We will go through your credit report, line by line. We will ask what your goal is. And from there, will determine whether or not trade lines are a viable option to achieve your goals. Tradelines are not for everybody or every credit situation, but if you are a potential candidate, will certainly let you know. If we tell you that trade lines are not going to work, you should highly consider our recommendation for alternative methods of credit enhancement, such as credit repair. We want to make sure our services work for clients, sore not to waste time trying to shove around peg in a square hole. If you need to boost your credit score fast with tradelines, let us perform a credit report analysis and help you determine whether tradelines are right for you.

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