what are tradelines explained

01 Jun 2012

What are tradelines?

What are tradelines?

People are often confused about what tradelines are.

The answer to “what are tradelines” is simply this…

“It is just another word for “account” on your report.”

The term “tradelines” is a financial industry term for an account. Usually, this refers to an account appearing on someone’s credit report. Note, your name, address, date of birth, etc., are not tradelines. Inquiries, creditor contact information, etc., are not tradelines. Instead, a tradeline is an account (like a credit card, an auto loan, a mortgage, etc.), which reports your payment history, monthly.

Here’s a quick video explanation:

Tradelines for credit repair?

In our opinion, a large majority of people searching google for “what are tradelines on a credit report” are referring to the addition of seasoned tradelines to boost your credit scores. Adding tradelines is not the same as credit repair. Of those people, they usually hear about the concept from friends, real estate agents, credit repair specialists, or mortgage brokers.

Often, the concept of increasing credit scores with tradelines is discovered in their effort to increase their credit scores. For example, a loan denial might say “Not enough tradelines.” Or, something to that effect. This will provoke the borrow to research the issue.

Tradelines are perceived as a secret tool to quickly increase your credit score. This is especially true in the face of a credit profile adversely affected by negative items, such as late payments, charge offs, etc. However, you must select tradelines carefully as they do not always work. A legitimate tradeline company will perform a credit report analysis prior to adding tradelines to make sure the practice will work for you and your credit goals. Mike explains this, below.

What are Trade lines on your credit report?

As discussed above, any account appearing on your credit report is a tradeline. Whether it’s good or bad, your collective tradelines make up your credit report. The information from your creditors regarding each account (otherwise known as a tradeline) is collected by the major credit bureaus; Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

What are Seasoned Tradelines?

Seasoned tradelines is a term mostly describing the addition of an authorized user account on your credit report. Obviously, the intent is to have a seasoned account (an account with perfect payment history over an extended period of time) added to your credit report. This account will have a positive impact on your credit report given its stellar history and perfect credit posture.

Now, when someone asks what are tradelines, you can give them an accurate answer.

What does Superior Tradelines mean?

What is Superior Tradelines? Superior Tradelines is a company dedicated to improving credit score by adding individuals to authorized user accounts in perfect standing.

If you don’t have a relative willing to add you as an authorized user, you can still benefit from this concept by simply purchasing a tradeline from us. To learn more about how this process works. To learn why you should buy tradelines from us as opposed to other companies, click here. Or, simply call us if you have any questions: 800-431-4741

You can get started, for free, right now… here.

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  1. I don’t like anybody messing with my credit report whether it’s a bank or credit card company. I don’t quite understand what a Tradeline is but if it’s affecting my credit report in any negative way, I don’t want to keep getting alerts on my credit report about tradelines. I have an excellent credit score. What is a tradeline and does it affect my credit score at all?

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