30 Jan 2019

A recent discussion revealed someone’s experience with an unfair and damaging collection account. The story is below, but the alarming facts are these: She had an illegitimate collection pop up for a bill insurance should have paid. Her credit score dropped over 100 points… from one collection account. She had authorized user tradelines. The credit score increased 103 points in under 12 days by removing a $195.00 collection.

30 Oct 2018

tradelines and credit inquires

I suppose you could say that way. But not really what’s happening. So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to rephrase your question. Can tradelines positively affect credit reports and credit scores even if your credit is pulled multiple times? The reason I rephrase it this way is to ignore the distinction that credit inquiries are different than any other item that can bring on your credit score.

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