20 May 2014


Updated Below* We have clients that come to us after bouncing around from different websites and after speaking with other companies. Quite often, they were misled. We hear about the different “incentives”, unrealistically low prices and credit “magic” other companies are offering. Sometimes, our curiosity gets the best of us and we check out the origin of these deceptive marketing campaigns; they never cease to amaze us. We’ve put together a checklist, of sorts, for you to use when contemplating the hiring of a tradeline company. It’s more of a “road map” if you will. If you find it helpful, please share it with a friend or family. Step 1: Reviews? These days, all you need to do is pull up Google in a web browser and check their reviews (and make sure they’re real). Most of the time, they float right to the top. However, the more scrupulous “companies” are quick to change their names, start new websites, etc., and they’re not as easily found. That brings us to step 2. A point of clarification, though. Reviews can be stuffed with fake testimonials. Use your head when reading reviews. If they look fake, they probably are. If they look real, they probably are. Step 2: Verify Business Records It takes 10 minutes to build a website (not a good one, but you know what I mean). On the other hand, it’s much more time to consume, expensive and revealing to start a new business. Make sure the company you intend to use is a legitimate and an actively registered business in the State within which they claim to operate. Again, whip out the google machine and type in the state followed by “business record search”. From there, you should be able to find and navigate the State’s business records for a particular business. Step 3:  Do they have a website? It’s not the end of the world if a company lacks a website, but… really? In 2014? You’re on the outskirts if you don’t have some form of internet presence. Aside from being culturally aloof, it does say something about a company. It takes responsibility, time, effort, money, etc., to maintain “internet real estate”. If I had to choose between a random Google voice number from craigslist and a site like ours… sorry, there’s no question; I’d go with the […]

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