Tradelines can boost your credit score and here's how:

We are a company dedicated to improving credit scores through the use of authorized user and seasoned tradelines, enabling consumer benefit in a buyer’s economy. If you are looking for “seasoned tradelines” or authorized user tradelines for sale, you’ve come to the right place! We are not a typical one stop shop, or a jack of all trades master of none. We sell and specialize in seasoned tradelines and authorized user tradelines.

What others are saying about us?

Shelby V.

Las Vegas, NV

Great source. Fast and appeared on date stated.

Victoria R.

Annapolis, MD

After much confusion I selected Superior Tradelines to assist me with boosting my credit score. HOW WAS MY EXPERIENCE AWESOME! AWESOME! Awesome! From start to finish Tom was beside me guiding me each step. At the end credit that started at 522 became 780. I t was like being given a new lease on life. I immediately was preapproved for a home, I was accepted or each credit card I'd applied. I ended up deciding not to purchase a home at this time but decide to lease a car needless to say I was approved with nothing down and their best rates. I also was approved for my dream condo (rental). It's a Chesapeake Bay front condo, prime location. This have changed my life, changed my life.

Thanks so much Superior Tradelines, and TOM you're my super hero, could not have done it without you.


Houston N.

Beaumont, CA

Good Morning! Just wanted to give you a quick update on our phenomenal success. So far we've received, or have been approved for $79,000.00 in personal lines of credit! Our goal is $100k, so we are almost there!! After we hit our goal on the personal side of the credit profile, we are then going to turn our attention to the business side, with a goal of $150K. Again I can't thank you enough for all that you've done! And YES, you can use me as a testimonial on your website if you need to.

Alfred M.

Las Vegas, NV

Superiortradelines is great. They added three tradelines to my credit. It took less than a month. Great customer service!

Quentin A.

Charleston, SC

I had my doubts as most. However when that tradeline hit when it was supposed I was still a little doubtful. However after a score increase to the 700's and I applied and received several credit cards and 2 personal loans. I am hooked. I recommend this to anyone who wants a jump start or boost in life. The customer service of superior tradlines is among the best. Tom, your great man thanks for everything.

Ahmad J.

US Probate Services, LLC

I was very skeptical at first because I have heard horror stories about these type of services... After doing my homework I came to the conclusion Superior Tradelines was my best option... and I wasn't disappointed! My customer service representative Raj Sahoo was very informative and assisted me in every aspect... from advising me what line was best for my particular need to always being available to answer any questions or concerns. The bottom line and final result exceeded my exportation's! Thank you Raj and Superior Tradelines.

Raul B.

Credit Score Restore, LLC (Miami, Kendall, & West Palm Beaches)

Since we've been using Superior Tradelines as our preferred Authorized Tradeline company, our clients have been able to establish credit faster and securely through their amazing database of active reporting tradelines. Their customer service is impeccable and professional. Our clients first have their credit repaired by us by removing their negative/erroneous items and then we upgrade them using Superior Tradelines benefiting them to higher credit scores. We recommend Superior Tradelines. The proof is in the credit scores!

Michael M.

Atlanta, GA

Exceeded my expectations.They delivered what they promised in the time frame they promised. Friendly staff, answered my questions promptly. I am very satisfied with the service and would recommend them to friends and family.

Carmella P.

Miami, FL

I researched a companies like this for months! Superior is the REAL DEAL!! At first I was a bit skeptical but after working with Raj and the team all my bad nerves were at ease. My lines posted with no problems. I was never lied to about anything. Truly an honest company. To anybody looking to purchase tradelines, I can guarantee you and bet my bottom dollar you won't find anyone out there like these guys! Thanks ST

Andrew B.

Jersey City, NJ

I knew right off the bat that this was a serious company. They lived up to my initial expectation and exceeded it. They have a really smooth process and the staff treated me right. I have recommended Superior to friends, family and clients.

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What sets us apart from the rest?

For starters, we offer a quick, effective and affordable solution for those looking to increase their credit scores, especially if you need the addition of tradelines. To find out how this may benefit you, please call us at 800-431-4741 or email us at

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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)

Meet the team:

While we perform the services, your money is protected in a trust account regulated by the Section 817.7005, Florida Statutes and protected by a $10,000.00 surety bond.

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We consider your account carefully when choosing the right tradeline to complement and strengthen your score.Strategically selected and placed, our tradelines bring you the biggest result for the smallest price tag, that is our mission.

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In terms of being available by telephone, chat or email, most companies simply are unreacheable. At SuperiorTradelines, we are ready for your call and are often available after hours and on weekends.

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We only deal with a single credit repair technique authorized by federal law: authorized user tradelines. It is both the most effective method and the only legitimate one to improve credit.

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We maintain positive relations with companies in our industry. Our ethic and cooperation with other companies means that we have people standing by if you should require services outside of the tradelines market.

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